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Bible Trivia Thursday- The King’s Daughter!!


It’s Trivia Thursday!! 

But first I have Your Answer to Our, impromptu Tuesday’s Trivia Question-Who’s That Lady?? 


She was the new girl in town, a new face in the land of Canaan. She was a chaste daughter of Jacob- a young virgin, who appeared to be traveling all alone when Shechem, the Hivite prince in the land, pounced upon the opportunity to come near to her, as there was no male with her to protect her, nor defend her. 

Her brothers were with the livestock in the fields. We’re not told of the whereabouts of her father, nor her mother Leah at the time. We only know that the young girl ventured out alone, probably without her parent’s permission, and at some point, Shechem, being stronger than young Dinah, forced himself upon her and defiled her. 

Yes! Rape did occur in the Bible. This was the first occurrence we learn of here in Genesis 34, but unfortunately it was not the last. 

A slightly similar ‘defiling’ moment would later affect Dinah’s distant niece- a descendant ‘daughter’ of Dinah’s brother, Judah- and a daughter to a king in Israel in 2 Samuel. 

Oddly, in this next story, it was not a stranger who raped the king’s daughter, but it was her brother, Amnon- who afterwards showed great disdain for his sister. After he had tricked her to come to his bedroom, he forced her to lay with him, then Amnon ‘hated’ her and threw her out! 

Now in contrast to Amnon, scripture tells Us in Genesis 34:3, that afterwards Shechem’s ‘soul longed for and clung to Dinah.’ He had fallen in love with this young girl, and wanted her to stay with him, as his princess and bride. 

Now this is by no means some fairy-tale love story!!

But it is a story of repentance! 

Shechem felt great sorrow and regret for the dreadful thing that he had done to Dinah. He was sorely ashamed and wanted to make things right because he truly loved this girl and now wanted to appeal to her wishes.  Scripture says, Shechem spoke to Dinah comfortingly, trying to calm her heart and mind because he knew that he had violated her and had caused her shame before her father and had made her a reproach before her brothers in the land. 

But What Must Be Done Now?? 

Shechem makes confession to his father, Hamor and asks his father to speak with Jacob and to beg for Dinah’s hand in marriage. When Jacob arrives to confront Hamor about the matter, scripture says that ‘Jacob held his peace’ until his sons had come. 

We can only assume that Jacob stood there, listening intently to Shechem and Hamor, while he pondered what can be done to right the wrongs at this point.  After all, Schechem, who had previously dishonored his daughter was now willing to do the most honorable thing by marrying Dinah, in attempts to make things right amongst the two families in the land. 

But unfortunately, Jacob stood silent for far too long-before his bloodthirsty sons arrived on the scene- already filled with anger and hatred; ready for war and vengeance! 

I will spill more tea on Jacob and his sons later- but for today-since it’s Thursday…..

Who was this King’s Daughter (mentioned above) who Amon (her brother) tricked and defiled and afterwards hated??

Grab Your Bible’s and get comfortable, because the book of Samuel reads better than any novel You can possibly buy!! 


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