God 👉 Pointed Us To His Healing Herbs!! – Part 3

-For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens, and return not there again, but water the earth and make it bring forth and sprout, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it-

(Isaiah 55:10)

Hey Neighbor,

So Dr. Sultan Told Us that Allie Was Allergic to ‘Mold’…it’s not the mold that builds up in a wet basement, but it is a mold that lives and grows inside the intestines called, Candida Albicans – Often referred to as a ‘Yeast Overgrowth.’

You See every Man or Woman has both Good and Bad bacteria in their bodies… When the bad bacteria outnumbers the good bacteria…food allergies are born.

However, these Food Allergies/Sensitivities are actually just a symptom…not the root cause.  These allergies are a reflection of the imbalance of organisms inside of the digestive tract…trying to tell US that there are invaders growing in the intestines!!

Many of Us are experiencing these symptoms…although not realizing it…because We are accustomed to taking a pain pill or little Benadryl to suppress Our discomforts.

But Our bodies are trying to communicate to Us…that it’s Immune Sytem is overwhelmed!!

Most people don’t realize that 80% of Our body’s immunity (the body’s ability to fight sickness and disease) lies in the small intestines.

So in essence…Our body’s (external) condition is a direct reflection of the body’s (internal) condition…Inside of Our digestive tracts!!

You really Are…What You Eat!!

Our body does not recognize many of the pre-packaged, processed foods that we eat in our homes and/or restaurants.

Nor does the body recognize the hi-fructose-corn syrup that’s in most of our sweet beverages.

And the body certainly does not recognize the ‘man-made’ additives, preservatives, pesticides/herbicides, hormones, steroids, etc. that ‘Man’ has mixed in…sprayed on…and injected into Our Food!!

All of these things contribute to killing our ‘friendly’ or good intestinal bacteria – This condition is called, Intestinal Dysbiosis.

This is where many of Our sicknesses and diseases begin!!

It is an imbalance in digestive flora – (good gut bacteria vs. bad gut bacteria) – This dysbiosis produces inflammation in the gut…leaving Your last meal partially undigested in the gut!!

So Where does this undigested or partially digested meal Go??

It will try to go up…if it can’t get out – This is why many people experience Acid Reflux, which is nothing more than a dirty digestive tract where bad bacteria can live and grow!!

Also…because many of Us are not ‘regular’…these partially digested meals never make it out of the constipated body.

Most doctors consider an individual to be constipated, if he/she does not have a bowel movement three times/week.

That is unacceptable!!

God designed our bowels to move every 8 hours…on average…so if Our bowels are not moving at least once/day…and Our feces is hard as a rock because it’s been trapped in the body 2-4+ days…Then We ARE definitely experiencing Constipation!!

Consider this!!…If We are eating, on average, three meals/day…but only eliminating 1 of those meals/day…then 2 meals are still left trapped in the body!!

It’s Simple Math…3-1=2!!

Those 2 trapped (partially digested) meals begin to rot and mold inside of the body.

When the pipes of Our body’s sewer system gets clogged up…the waste begins to putrefy and pollute the bloodstream..causing the organs to suffer!!

The longer these toxins remain trapped in the intestines…the longer they are recycling through the bloodstream, polluting the bloodstream and causing all 78 of Our organs to suffer. Particularly, the liver…whose job is to filter invaders out of Our bloodstream.

Now Remember…We had cleaned Allie Out!!

She was no longer Constipated, but the Candida overgrowth had a ‘strong-hold’ on her health and this yeast was hiding in her intestines and invading her bloodstream.

Candida…like any organism, does not want to die…So it will Fight to Live!!

So…Allie’s  little body was working overtime…making histamine – to try to flush-out these invaders (allergens) which had fought past her weak, and overworked liver.

So here…again…comes the oozing and itching, shortly after each meal…because Allie’s little organs were constantly at work…struggling to eliminate these toxins from her body…but they could not!!

So Dr. Sultan put Allie on the ‘Elimination Diet.’  This Diet gave her Liver a chance to Rest…while We were introducing God’s Healing Herbs into her body.

Dr. Sultan explained that it can take 4-6 days for any food to be completely eliminated from a body that is functioning properly.

So…Our instructions were to remove All Foods from her diet and to introduce only 1 single-ingredient food (with no additives, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) into her diet every 4-6 days -for example – Organic spinach.

We decided to Try…Every 4 days vs. 6.

So…on Sunday, Mon, Tues, and Wednesday…Allie could only eat Organic Spinach for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner…and for snacks.


We blanched the fresh spinach leaves in hot water and added only sea salt. And when we saw no allergic reaction…Then We deemed Spinach a ‘safe’ food for Allie.

Now…On Thursday, We were able to add a second (single-ingredient) food + the ‘safe’ Organic Spinach – for example – Organic chicken Backs.

We chose organic Chicken backs because they were affordable (with no hormones, steroids, or, additives, etc.).

We simply boiled the chicken…adding only sea salt and served it with the blanched spinach.

So We continued with this Elimination diet…introducing only (1) new food into Allie’s diet for Months on end.

While Allie’s liver was resting…Dr. Sultan began treating Allie with an oral anti-fungal medication to kill the ‘Yeast’ Overgrowth in her gut!!

When she completed the prescription anti-fungal…we continued to battle the yeast with herbs.  We rotated the Anti-fungal herbs ‘Caprylic Acid,’ ‘Olive Leaf Extract,’ and ‘Oil of Oregano.’…while introducing ‘friendly’ or good bacteria into her intestines with the herb, ‘Kyodophilus.’

To feed her liver, We introduced the herb, ‘Milk Thistle,’ and for rebuilding her immune system, We introduced ‘Alpha-lipoic Acid.’

With each ‘safe’ meal, we also introduced herbal ‘digestive enzymes.’

We introduced a daily ‘green-drink’ rich in vitamins/minerals and amino acids to ‘cool’ down her inflamed body…and also, to feed and strengthen all the Organs in her body with optimum nutrition.

Also…There was ‘Cod Liver Oil’ and Fish Oil’ to continue to reduce attack the inflammation in her body.

God is So Awesome!!

He was healing Our Child…without aggressive prescription steroids and harmful antibiotics

He Was Showing Us that He Was The Almighty God and that He Would Receive the Glory For Allie’s Healing…but We had to Receive His Grace to Be Patient and To Learn To Trust His Ways…and Not ‘Mans!!’

-Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to the Lord, and He will have love, pity, and mercy for him, and to our God, for He will multiply to him His abundant pardon. For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord-

(Isaiah 55:7)

God Planted A Garden in Eden…Full Of Trees, Plants, Fruits, Flowers…nuts and seeds to Nourish Our Bodies…These Are God’s Healing Herbs!!

If We Will Forsake Our Ways Of Feeding Our Bodies…And Return To Gods Ways Of Nourishing Our Bodies…Then HE WILL HEAL Our Bodies and Our Land…the ground from which His herbs come forth!!

God Loves You and So Do I!!


Tomorrow…We Have Bible Brain Teaser #3!!

On Monday, I want to Give Your More Details About the ‘Ups and Downs’ of the Elimination Diet…It was Truly A Blessing To Allie!!

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God Pointed 👉 Us To His Healing Herbs!! – Part 2

-And Jesus went with him; and a great crowd kept following Him and pressed Him from all sides [so as almost to suffocate Him]. And there was a woman who had had a flow of blood for twelve years, And who had endured much suffering under [the hands of] many physicians and had spent all that she had, and was no better but instead grew worse.-
(Mark 5:26)

Hey Neighbor,

Here’s Part 2 of Allie’s Healing Journey with God’s Healing Herbs!!

I remember then, that one of my longstanding tenants, who knew what Allie had looked like as a baby, whispered to me, one day, as she asked if Allie had been in a fire!! Allie had turned about 5 shades darker than normal and her skin was so terribly damaged, from all of the scratching.

I had grown so accustomed to seeing her that way…that I didn’t realize how she appeared to others…She was still my baby!!

So we bought plenty of Shea butter, cocoa butter, powders to control the itching…so many types of remedies for her to soak in…but We were still only trying to control the symptoms…instead of destroying the root!!

You see, every time we fed her…within the hour, she would begin to itch and scratch, uncontrollably. We were being very careful about avoiding milk, juices, cookies, cake, ice cream, etc..You know…all the stuff that toddlers love. But Even after We fed her a ‘healthy’ meal…like spinach and turkey..or even chicken and green beans…We still got the same severe reaction.

So We went on that way until finally, a friend of mine lead me to a chiropractor…who she had been seeing for Allergies!!

From there…this Chiropractor referred Us to a Naturopathic Doctor…so She contacted him for Us…We made the appointment and We went to our First visit with Dr. Sultan.

I can remember the first thing He said to Dewitt and myself, after he looked Allie over…

He chastised Us!! He said, ‘Do not Put any more ‘Petro-chemicals’ on her skin!!

Her was referring to the Petro-leum jelly that we were oiling Allie down with…5-6 times/day because her skin was so hard and dry. We thought it was soothing the dryness, but it was only adding to her bodies toxic overload.

He explained to Us that her little body had been poisoned, from all the antibiotics (for ear infections), prescription steroids and other chemical steroids, (in our meat, chicken and turkey), hormones (from dairy), pesticides and herbicides (sprayed on our fruits and vegetables), and also, from the food preservatives and additives (added to everything in a can, box, or bag).

He went on to explain that We had to get her Cleaned-Out!!

Initially We thought…We will Just go ‘organic!’ But He explained that Simply…eating healthy- whether organic Or not- would not remove the toxic overload from her body!!

This was truly an enlightening moment for Us, as it all began to add-up and make sense. Allie had not been having bowel moments, with any regularity…for years!! Her bowels had only been moving about every 3 days or so.

So all of those dead, rotten, molded foods…and the medicines and chemicals…were still inside of her…putrefying and recycling throughout her bloodstream… 24 hours a day!!

Dr. Sultan went on to explain that until We cleaned her body out…even the herbs would not be able to work…because her body would not be able to properly absorb them!!

So We had to Give Allie an Enema!!

Yes…I had to convince my sickly, 4 year old child…to lie down on the bathroom floor…close to the toilet…and let me give her a ‘Fleet’ Enema!!


She had been plugged up..like a bear in Hibernation!!

Before a bear goes into Hibernation, he eats dirt and hair and whatever else He can get into his system…to create a ‘butt-plug’ so that he can sleep throughout the winter with no ‘accidents!’


Dr. Sultan also introduced Us to some non-toxic oil alternatives that soothed her inflamed skin. These oils had come from Nature. They were oils from the fish and other animals that Our God created for our food…as well as for other purposes…on that Fifth Day of Creation!!

Dr. Sultan introduced Us to ‘Emu-oil.’

Yes…from the Emu!!…and believe it or not…after cleaning her out…it was every bit as effective as the (chemical) steroid creams..that had worked..temporarily.

Only…This Emu oil did not add toxic burden to Allie’s, already, struggling little organs!!

So You’ve gotta to Be asking…Where are the Healing Herbs??

Well…Allie still Had to eat!!

And The Herbs Were Allie’s Food…as God had intended!!

So…there will be more about The Healing Herbs on Tomorrow…in addition to the ‘Elimination Diet,’ which futher cleansed Allie’s body!!

That will be On – Part 3!!

Until Then…

God Loves You and Do Do I!!


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God 👉Pointed Us to His Healing Herbs!!

-And God said, Let the earth put forth [tender] vegetation: plants yielding seed and fruit trees yielding fruit whose seed is in itself, each according to its kind, upon the earth. And it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed according to their own kinds and trees bearing fruit in which was their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good (suitable, admirable) and He approved it-
(Genesis 1:11-12)

Hey Neighbor,

The Hubby and I are taking an Herbal Healing Class!! Yes, we are taking yet, another class together…We are still working on our Ph.D’s in Theology and very soon We will become Certified Herbalists…and We are excited!!

Why Herbal Healing??

Here’s that Answer w/Allie’s Story – Part 1

Well…Our youngest daughter, Allie, who is now a healthy and energetic, 13 year old, was terribly ill as a toddler. Dewitt and I didn’t know why her health was deteriorating and We had taken her to every medical doctor and/or specialist that we could find…but like the Woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:26, Allie only continued to suffer and she grew much worse!!


It all started with a little eczema on her arms…that spread to her knees…then to her hands. She had scratched herself so terribly until the rashes would bleed and ooze. So of course We were referred to the allergy specialists…who gave us steroid cream – after steroid cream…which gave Us great results, initially…but only for a short period of time.

Unfortunately, the doctors had neglected to tell Us that Allie’s skin would eventually become immune to the steroid creams, rendering them ineffective…which would require us to request stronger and stronger prescriptions…and my baby was only 2 years old.

Then there were also the issues with Allie’s scalp, which was itchy and flakey and it would turn completely white, every morning…even though I had washed it with medicated shampoo and had thoroughly oiled it the night before. Every morning she would awake, white-headed with her sheets covered with the dead skin that she had spent the night scratching off of her little body!!

So, of course the doctors recommended that We oil Allie’s scalp with the steroid creams to treat her scalp. The creams were very effective…temporarily soothing the itching and flaking, but the steroids had weakened the hair follicles, causing her hair to fall out in blotches. So then the doctors gave Us another cream to treat Allie’s newest condition, Alopecia (spots of hair loss).

This went on and on until finally, Our pediatrician gave Our 3 yr old the powerful steroid drug…Prednisone. I remember how very honestly, he spoke to me, as he handed me the prescription. He said that the prescription was only for a 10 day dose of the steroid…and that it would clear everything up…within the next couple of weeks, but when Allie was done with the 10 day regimen…he could not write another steroid prescription for such a small child. He told me that the severe itching, and oozing would return and that the condition would be much more aggressive than before.

Of Course, Dewitt and I had been praying over Our little child…day and night, believing that God would show Us another way. We were reading and studying anything about alternative treatments that we could get Our hands on. Although Allie’s doctors had given up on her, We just could not!!

So…When Our child’s suffering resumed, Dewitt and I took shifts…day in and day out…rubbing Allie’s skin, attempting to soothe her and to keep her comfortable.

I had even placed socks over her hands, but I still found myself wrestling with her little arms throughout the night…trying to keep her from ‘scratching for blood.’

Our oldest daughter, Daen was only 13 at that time, and she was great help. She also took on an afternoon shift…to ‘rub’ Allie, so I could cook and take care of my personal hygiene.

And so We endured… just like that for about another year. Allie was about 4 years old then, and even as Dewitt an I continued to ‘rub,’ pray and cry…and cry, pray and ‘rub’…We Still Believed that GOD was watching and listening…And indeed He Was…He had heard Our Prayers.

GOD was Faithful to US!!

HE Showed Us another way…HE 👉Pointed Us to His Healing Herbs!!


That’s Part 1 of Allie’s Story…

Come back Tomorrow, and I will take You further, ‘UP’ the road, showing You God’s Awesome Healing Power…Manifested through His Herbs!!

Until Then,

God Loves You and So Do I!!


-God said, See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. And to all the animals on the earth and to every bird of the air and to everything that creeps on the ground–to everything in which there is the breath of life–I have given every green plant for food. And it was so.-
(Genesis 1:29-30)