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Bible Trivia Thursday- Life Beyond 120!!

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I was talking with a friend just the other day about how Moses had lived a full life and even though Moses never got the chance to step his foot onto the Promised Land, his eyesight was still sharp and he still had a spring in his step at 120 years old. 

Moses maxed out his livelihood at 120, according to Genesis 6:3, where God tells us that He was done putting up with humans for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Prior to that, Adams descendants- all the way up to Noah lived extremely long lives. Like Seth who lived to be 912 years old, or even Lamech who lived for 782 years.  

Did you know that Lamech also had a son named, Methuselah, who is on record for having lived the longest life ever??

Can you guess how old Methuselah was when he gave up the ghost??


Now What about these Patriarchs and their sons??

  • Abraham
  • Ishmael
  • Isaac
  • Jacob
  • Joseph

How old were they when they gave up their ghosts??  And Can you Place them in Chronological order according to the length of their lifespans??

For Example: 

1. Methuselah(969) 2. Seth(912) 3. Lamech (782)


I’m pretty Sure You Are Going To Need Your Bibles for this one!!

And no cheating with your Bible apps or internet🤣

Have Fun!!  I will Post Answers for You This ‘Solution’ Saturday- 4/9

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Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Trusting God

The Pit Before the Palace Part IV – The Cover-up!!

Hey Neighbor! 

-For my sighing cometh before I eat, and my roarings are poured out like the waters. For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me (Job 3:24)

Jacob’s 10 sons had just human trafficked their little brother, Joseph into a life of slavery!!

How could they possibly go home to their father, Jacob without returning with his beloved son, Joseph??

Well once again, Jacob’s wicked sons conspired together, and concocted their ‘cover-up.’

They decided to send forth Joseph’s tattered coat, dipped in the blood of a ‘kid’ or baby goat, to their father – asking Jacob to confirm whether or not the coat was that of Joseph’s.

Now- Of course these boys knew this coat- they knew it so well, that they could have identified it while wearing a blind fold!!

You see, they had gone back home, deceptively pretending that they had not even set eyes on Joseph- at all!! 

And as they were approaching home, it just so happened that they had found what  ‘may or may not’ be Joseph’s colorful coat along the roadside. 

They callously left it up to Jacob to make the tragic assumptions, after having confirmed the remains of his son’s coat. 

Yes!! Jacob filled with dread and fear, after seeing the blood soaked coat, did assume and confirm the worst.

As a parent myself, I believe this was confirmation of Jacob’s worst fear- that he would have to bury one of his children!! Sadly, there were no bodily remains to bury, only the torn and tattered coat. 

Jacob perceived that his son Joseph had been violently slain and torn to pieces by some ferocious animal, and now Jacob’s heart was torn to pieces as well. 

-And all his sons and daughters attempted to console him, but he refused to be comforted and said, I will go down to Sheol (the place of the dead) to my son mourning. And his father wept for him. (Genesis 37:35)

Scripture says that Jacob refused to be comforted by his sons and his daughters. I would imagine that he accepted no comfort from amongst his wives either.

As Jacob began to mourn the loss of his young son, he fell into a prolonged state of depression and despair. He would not wash his face, nor would he anoint his head with oil.

How could Jacob’s sons bear to see their father this way


How could they continue on with this charade and live out this lie for 15 years, never bowing down to confess how cruel they were to Joseph, nor admitting to their father the truth about Joseph’s potential whereabouts. 

Even Shechem, who was not a ‘son’ of The Promise had repented from his cruel treatment of Dinah and confessed his sin to his own father Hamor and also to Jacob- begging for grace and favor! 

But not Jacob’s wicked sons!! 

They had bequeathed no mercy to Shechem, Joseph, nor to their father in his time of mourning. 

They had made a pact amongst themselves to take their truth to the grave. Their never ending  ‘cover up’ was liken to a window of hope, violently shut before Jacob’s eyes. 

If only they had repented and revealed the truth that Joseph was still alive, then Jacob could have held on to a scrap of hope that one day his longing eyes would once again see his son’s beautiful face.

But No!! 

Jacobs’s sons were contented to leave their father heartsick and broken hearted. 

But Our God is a mender of broken hearts and a Revealer of Truth!!

He binds up our wounds and cures our pains and sorrows!! (Psalm 147:3)

You see, God had a balm of mercy for Old Jacob, and he lathered him down with the Truth, even in the midst of a famine!! 

Yes! There was a lack of food in Jacob’s tent, due to a great famine, but the lack of love in this tent was far greater!!  

But God loved Jacob and cause the truth to revealed – by means of this same famine- that Joseph had been spared by God’s grace, in order that he might spare others, during the Famine. 

Although Joseph’s wicked brothers had spoken cruelly to him, threw him into the pit, and had sold him into slavery, God in His Love and Abundant Mercies had caused all these things to work together for Joseph’s good!!

God had rescued Joseph, sending him ahead of the famine and setting him upon a throne to dispense food to the hungry during a world wide famine. 

Only God’s Truth could remove and destroy the heavy yoke of the Lies that the boys had placed on their father’s neck!!

God was Jacob’s only viable source of Comfort!!

God had wiped the tears from Jacob’s eyes and had awakened him from his extended state of despair!! 

Yes!! Joseph was now ‘Lord of the Land’ in Egypt- living in the Palace- and when hungry men had traveled to Egypt, in search of food, they were required to bow their knee before Joseph, The son of Jacob!!

Amongst the many hungry men who had traveled to Egypt- hungry and desperate for sustenance- were Joseph’s 10 humbled, knee-bowed brothers, as well.

‘The Dreamer’s’ dream had come to pass and had been confirmed before their eyes!!

God had given Joseph a dream of foresight into the future, and unlike his brother’s, God had also given Joseph a Loving and Forgiving Heart. 

Jacob forgave his brothers trespass, as they kneeled before him, saying:

  • Fear not; for am I in the place of God? [Vengeance is His, not mine.] As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day (Genesis 50:19)

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God’s ‘Faith-Full’ Daughter – Rebekah!!

I have loved you, says the Lord. Yet you say, How and in what way have You loved us? Was not Esau Jacob“s brother? says the Lord; yet I loved Jacob (Israel), But [in comparison with the degree of love I have for Jacob] I have hated Esau [Edom] and have laid waste his mountains, and his heritage I have given to the jackals of the wilderness (Malachi 1:2)

Hey Neighbor! 

Yesterday, We unveiled our ‘Faith-Full’ Female of the Week, Rebekah- Who learned during her ultrasound with God 😂🤣 that she was pregnant with twin boys.

But Rebekah could not understand why the babies struggled so, and fought with one another in her womb. God told her that the two boys were fighting for the rights of the firstborn son- and contrary to the ordinary expectation-God had chosen her second born son, Jacob!!

You see…God Loved Jacob, but He had rejected Esau!! 

Rebekah believed These Words and Gladly Received them in her Heart!! 

Now for those of you familiar with this story, You may have a few questions about Rebekah – such as….

Did She really believe God’s Words??

If Rebekah had really believed, why did she grow so impatient with God, taking matters into her hands??

Why did she intervene herself into God’s work, and attempt to usurp His timing?? 

Good Questions!!

I also had some of my own questions while reading this…I wondered; 

Was it Rebekah’s intention all along for Jacob to obtain the rights of the firstborn son, by outwitting an older, stronger Esau – instead of waiting on God??

Is this why Rebekah named and called her second born son (Jacob) Trickster/Supplanter??

Who Knows?? 

But Let’s Be Real About This!!

Which of Us believers, in our flesh, has not at some point decided that we were hired in by God, as His Personal Assistant- with a Job Description that read:

Candidate must be active and alert to assist God to meet His Project Deadlines!!

Abraham and Sarah had done this when they hired in the housemaid, Hagar to have a son (Ishmael) for them- instead of waiting on God!!

You see, as God’s assistant 🤣😂 Sarah was convinced that God was running late!! And in her old age, she feared that she and Abraham were running out of time!!

Well Rebekah also believed that Jacob’s time was running short for him to acquire Isaac’s blessing, because Isaac was now about 100 years old and had gone blind. 

Jacob had already successfully manipulated the birthright from Esau’s hands, but without Isaac’s blessing, Jacob still could not inherit the promised covenant, which was previously established between God and Abraham in Genesis 17.

  • And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee. And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.  (Genesis 17:6-7)

You see…Abraham, upon his deathbed blessed Issac, passing on this covenant to his son of ‘the promise,’ Isaac- and not to Ishmael-Abraham’s son of the flesh!!

And now Isaac, possessing the established covenant, will now pass it forward, blessing only one of his two sons. 

Now God had promised Rebekah that the blessing was pre-established for Jacob, But her husband, Isaac would have it so that the blessing would be passed on to, and be established through Esau instead.

But Rebekah was not having it!! 

You see Rebekah overheard Isaac call for Esau, requesting deer meat for his last meal,’ presuming that he, Isaac would soon be exiting from this world- and passing on to be with his own father, Abraham.

Isaac’s Words to Esau:

  • Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison; And make me savory meat, such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee before I die (Genesis 27:3)

Can You See Rebekah Fuming 😡, in response, saying underneath her breath:

satan!! You are a Liar and the Father of All Lies!! 

But Not today – and Not in this Tent!! 

So this is where an overzealous Rebekah takes matters into her own hand!! 

What will Rebekah Do?? 

Well Neighbor, I will have to brew a whole new Pot of Tea for Us to finish this story…

So come on by again this Friday- because tomorrow is Trivia Thursday and I have some really good questions prepared for you- plus a Bonus!!

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The Pit Before the Palace- The Dysfunctional Family!!

-You are jealous and covet [what others have] and your desires go unfulfilled; [so] you become murderers. [To hate is to murder as far as your hearts are concerned.] You burn with envy and anger and are not able to obtain [the gratification, the contentment, and the happiness that you seek], so you fight and war. You do not have, because you do not ask. [I John 3:15.] (James 4:2)

Hey Neighbor,

Sometimes we can read a scripture and overlook the Truth of the Word on that Bible page, because we haven’t yet fought that particular battle in our real lives- although Scripture is Always current and relevant.

Well, I would imagine if Jacob’s sons had been born after James wrote the verse above, I think it would have been more than relevant. It would have been right in-time!!

One of the boys might have read that page – in awe…then stopped to say,

“Oh My Lord! That’s Us!!”- right there on the pages of my Bible.

You know that’s what happens when we find ourselves convicted by the Truth of God’s Word!!

Maybe the brothers would have reversed their paths and repented of their sins…

Maybe they would have found themselves saddened and/or grieved because they hated their brother!! 

Hopefully you have already read through Part 1 of the Pit Before the Palace, if not you will want to go back and check it out.

Here is Our Lesson

Now here we see that Jacob’s sons not only hated their brother, Joseph, but they also hated that coat!! 

And the brothers were very unhappy and extremely angry with their father Jacob, because he was far too attentive to Joseph, leaving them feeling abandoned and neglected. 

You know, sometimes kids will ‘act-out’ to get their parent’s attention….although Jacob’s kids were extremely misguided and had misbehaved to a much, much, higher degree…they were simply fighting for their father’s attention. 

They didn’t understand that they could just talk to their dad about the bitterness they felt towards Joseph, and explain that they were hurt by the open favoritism that Jacob had shown amongst his sons. Neither did they think to talk to God about this problem- they just declared war. 

Reuben was warring with his father, Jacob when he secretly slept with his stepmother Bilhah(Jacob’s concubine.)

Simeon and Levi were warring with Jacob when they decided to take charge over their sister, Dinah’s future and then killed her fiance, Shechem.

Now, Scripture tells Us that God chastens those whom He loves, but these boys were not chastened by their father, nor do we read where Jacob disciplined them for their wrongdoings. 

 -Those whom I [dearly and tenderly] love, I tell their faults and convict and convince and reprove and chasten [I discipline and instruct them]. Revelation 3:19

But now we find that Jacob’s sons have now turned their ‘swords’ of war on Joseph (the son whom their father dearly and tenderly loved) and now they are planning to kill him!! 


Hopefully todays Lesson gave us a little more background on Jacob’s sons and their wicked dealings, but I also hope these last 2 lessons also gave us a peak at the parental failures, particularly Jacob’s – which I believe greatly contributed to Jacob’s dysfunctional household.

You know, My mother used to say, parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual…but maybe she was looking for a ‘man-made’ manual…

When what we really need is the The Holy Spirit, inspired Word of God.

The Bible is our instruction manual for living and we can pick it up, read it, and pray that The Holy Spirit will show Us how to troubleshoot the error codes in our parenting styles. 

None of Us have been perfect mothers nor fathers…but praise The Lord that we have a Perfect Father in Heaven!! 

And we have, His Son Jesus…and We can assuredly rest in His Imperfectness!! 
Tomorrow we have our Bible Trivia Thursday, so come back for that.

Also we will finalize our Lesson on the Pit Before the Palace next week.

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