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More Solution Saturday!!

– So David reigned over all Israel, and executed justice and righteousness for all his people. Joab son of Zeruiah was over the army; (2 Samuel 8:15-16)

Hey Neighbor!

Here Are Thursday’s Trivia Results and The (partial) Trivia Question:


King Saul chose Abner, his close relative (uncle) to serve as his military commander in Israel.

Now there was another King in Israel, who had also chosen a close relative to serve as his military commander, as well!!

This close relative/army commander was not the king’s uncle…but instead, he was a nephew to the King (his sister’s son).


Can You Name This (Uncle) King?

And Can You Name His Nephew/Commander?


Answer: King (Uncle) David

Nephew/Commander: Joab

– And David said, Whoever smites the Jebusites first shall be chief and commander. Joab son of Zeruiah [David“s half sister] went up first, and so he was made chief. (1Chronicles 11:6)


🏆Answerers: 🥇Warren👏👏👏

🥈Manu 👏👏👏

🥉James 👏👏👏


Thanks to All of our Friends who participated with Thursday’s Trivia💪🏾


Get Your Super-Faith Boogie On, Everybody‼️💃🏽🕺✝️


Until Next Week, Keep Searching the Word for Your Answers‼️



God Loves You and So Do I!!

Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Can’t Sleep?? Read the Psalms!!

-I am weary with my groaning; all night I soak my pillow with tears, I drench my couch with my weeping. My eye grows dim because of grief; it grows old because of all my enemies
(Psalm 6:6)

Hey Neighbor!


It’s ‘Oldie but a Goodie’ Friday, and today I have an oldie for you from a time when I was battling insomnia…not realizing back then that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and I was also very deficient in minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium.

I will probably write a Wednesday’s Health and Wealth blog for you Re: Hashimoto’s, but for today, here is your oldie!!



Did you know that David wrote most of the 150 Psalms??

This was his mental/emotional therapy as he suffered through the greatest trials of his life. Read Psalm 6:6 above again….

Here David describes his own experience with insomnia and great mourning.

Notice how David describes a night, devoid of sleep.

I can imagine that his eyes were red and heavy with bags underneath, because David tells us that he has been awake all night crying, quite intensely.

Of course David’s pillow was not literally soaked, nor was his bed flooded, but David wants us to know that he has had a long, tear-filled night, crying out to God for fear of his wicked enemies.

Well, like David, I needed some mental/emotional therapy also, because I’ve been battling some health issues, and I’ve found myself struggling with my own bouts of insomnia…

For hours and hours, through what seemed like endless night after endless night, my mind would just race like crazy with thoughts of impending doom, until I finally decided to take the Holy Spirit’s advice, and to calm myself, during my own long, worry-filled nights with a Psalm to Lord…so I wrote my own psalm!!

After all, a psalm is simply a poem, only it was written to be sung to the Lord as a hymn.

It is a poem that reveals the emotional intensity of someone’s personal experience with suffering and/or sometimes celebration.

Well, I certainly would have rathered be awake at 3 in the morning celebrating, but unfortunately, my experience was that of suffering…so here is my Psalm!!

Your life for mine, the ghost You gave
and my wretched sins, yes You forgave
So that the windows of my soul might see your face,
‘Til then I abide in that secret place
Awaiting the day my eyes behold Your Light,
sitting next to my Father- just there at His right
Grasping tightly to Your word, Lord I still stand
Praying for the mercy of your healing hand
Though sudden death lurks all about
And it’s hard for me to silence the doubt
I’ve questioned your will because of my fear
Still believing You know me and my prayers You hear
I know it’s Not long before Your Love is revealed
And I will shout to the world,
YES, I am healed!!


I hope that you were comforted by my Psalm and that it re-stimulates your confidence in God, and reminds You that God is still with You!!

Even in your time of trouble…when God’s voice seems silent, and when it seems God’s face cannot be found, He wants Us to lay our worries and concerns upon Him…not within Ourselves…lest anxiety take root in Our lives.

So, Remember This…As I am also reminded by the Holy Spirit…

You’re not the only ones plunged into these hard times. It’s the same with Christians all over the world. So keep a firm grip on the faith. The suffering won’t last forever. It won’t be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ – eternal and glorious plans they are! – will have you put together and on your feet for good. He gets the last word; yes, he does!!
(1 Peter 5:8)


And Remember This Also,

God Loves💕You and So Do I!!


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Trivia Thursday – Name That Prophet!!

Hey Neighbor!

  • For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king. (1Samuel 15:23)

In the leading scripture above, we read where the Prophet Samuel conveyed a message to King Saul regarding his failure to utterly destroy the Amalekites, as God had clearly commanded.

King Saul had disobeyed God, returning from the victory with spoils from the war, including the best of the Amalekite’s animals and also the Amalekite’s king, Agag…alive and well! 

At this point, God was fed up with Saul and regretted making him king over Israel!!

And now, God was determined to ‘rend’ or ‘tear’ the kingdom out of Saul’s rebellious hands, and to hand the kingship over to David, a mighty man of valor!! 

God had sent forth Samuel the prophet, to communicate one last and final message to the King of Israel!! 

Now after speaking against Saul, Samuel turned to depart and something happened…

Saul reached out to grab Samuel, and out of his desperation, behold….Samuel’s mantle was torn!! 

In response to King Saul’s ‘rending’ of Samuel’s garment, Samuel replied with these prophetic words: 

  • And Samuel said unto him, The LORD hath rent the kingdom of Israel from thee this day, and hath given it to a neighbor of thine, that is better than thou.  (1Sa 15:28)

Saul was not the only rebellious king seated on the throne in Israel, as there were many kings after him that also defied God’s commandments, and thus God also ‘rent’ the kingdom from those kings who followed suit.

God often sends forth His ‘spokesperson’ to communicate these prophetic messages. 

In fact, years later, God would once again transfer the kingship from another disobedient king, into the hands of another man of valor…via the prophetic act of, the ‘tearing’ a garment!!

This leads us into today’s Trivia Thursday Question!! 

Now we do realize that Saul had inadvertently torn Samuel’s garment, but God used the symbolism of that one (1) ‘tear,’ to prophetically separate Saul’s tribe from kingship in Israel!!

Now Today’s Prophet was instructed by God to go out into a field, where he was to speak out against the idolatrous King of Israel, but this particular prophet was also instructed by God to ‘tear’ his very own ‘new’ garment into twelve (12) separate pieces!!

Can You Name That Prophet??

God Loves💕You and So Do I!!

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Trivia Tuesday- Name That King!!

Hezekiah did right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his [forefather] had done. (2Kings 18:3)

Hey Neighbor!

“As David, his father.”

This phrase we find repeated nine (9) times in the book of 1 Kings.

And in the lead scripture above, we read where Hezekiah’s kingly reign was compared to his forefather, King David’s.

And because King Hezekiah ‘did what was right’ in the sight of the Lord, he was ranked amongst the ‘good’ kings of Judah.

Not only was King Hezekiah’s reign in Judah compared to David’s reign over ‘all of Israel,’ but all of the succeeding kings of Judah (the Davidic line of kings) would be afterwards compared to him!!

Now, King Solomon was the last king to reign over ‘all of Israel,’ and after his death, The Lord divided ‘all of Israel’ into two kingdoms.

The Southern Kingdom (Judah) was given to Rehoboam, (Solomon’s son) and the Northern Kindom (Israel) was given to Jerobam. Both Rehoboam and Jeroboam were wicked or ‘bad’ kings.

Unfortunately, all 19 of the succeeding kings in Israel (North) were considered to be ‘bad’ kings, but this was not so in Judah!!

From King Rehoboam to King Zedekiah, (Judah’s last king) a total of twenty (20) kings were seated…twelve (12) of them were evil kings, but eight (8) of them were actually considered to be ‘good’ kings.

In fact, ‘Good’ King Hezekiah, was one (1) amongst eight (8) of those ‘good’ kings in Judah.


Question: Can you name the other seven (7 ) ‘good’ kings of Judah??



Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Trivia Thursday – Name That King!!

And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely show thee kindness for Jonathan thy father“s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.  (2Samuel 9:7)

Hey Neighbor!

In the Scripture above, we find King David ‘faith-fully’ fulfilling an oath to care for Jonathan’s son, after his death. 

If you will recall, Jonathan, David’s best friend  and the original heir to Israel’s throne, had fallen in battle along with his father, King Saul. 

With Jonathan out of the way, David could have moved forth to quickly exterminate any and all of the surviving heirs to Saul’s throne…like Mephibosheth and Ishbosheth (Jonathan’s brother.)

David could have immediately taken claim to the throne in Israel, as God’s anointed King.

But instead, David waited patiently for God’s timing and God’s surety!! 

David did not merely desire man’s surety on the throne…through the slaying of Saul’s descendants, but David waited for God’s perfect promise, wherefore The Lord would confirm him as king and set him firmly upon the throne in all Israel!!

You see, David was the king who set the standard, whereby all of the succeeding kings of Judah would be afterwards, compared to him!!

“As David, his father.”

This phrase we find repeated nine times in the book of 1 Kings.

Unfortunately, most of David’s descendant’s failed to meet his kingly standard after his death. 

One of David’s most vile descendants reigned after him in Judah, and indeed he was a very wicked and bloody king!! 

In fact, this king killed each and every one of his brothers for surety of his kingdom, soon after he was seated upon ‘his father, David’s throne.’

Can You Name That King??


God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!

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Bible Trivia Thursday – Can You Guess My ‘Little Child’s’ Age??

-And now, O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in.  (1Kings 3:7)

Hey Neighbor! 

The Bible verse listed above from 2 Kings 3:7 is a quote from King Solomon, after he began to reign as king in Israel, after his father David.

Now here, we see Solomon referring to himself as a ‘little child,’ but actually, he was not!!

In fact, Solomon was already a father, himself.


Solomon had a ‘little child’ of his own when his father, David placed him on the throne in all of Israel…thus today’s trivia question.


What was Solomon’s ‘little child’s’ name, and how old was this child when his dad, Solomon sat on the throne of David?


Grab Your Bibles and Go!! 

And Have Fun Too! 

Thanks For Stopping By! 

I will post your answer this Saturday, 6/18 – Solution Saturday!! 

Until Then, 

God Loves💕You and So Do I!!


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BELIEVE and GO-ON with GOD!!

-No king is saved by the great size and power of his army; a mighty man is not delivered by [his] much strength. A horse is devoid of value for victory; neither does he deliver any by his great power-(Psalms 33:17)


Hey Neighbor!


So We’ve been reading 1 Samuel 27-30 and We find in Verse 30:9-10 that 200 of David’s men, although mighty in battle, were not so mighty in faith as they were crossing the brook of Besor, with David to GO and reclaim ALL that God had promised to Restore into their hands.

Here’s The Story….

So as David and his army of 600 men were leaving Ziklag in pursuit of those that had burned down their homes and had taken away their wives and children, David was confronted with yet another interpersonal issue amongst his comrades. 400 of the 600 were not physically, nor spiritually fit for battle. They were wiped out – physically, from the three day journey returning from the land of the Philistines and wiped out – spiritually, as they were still mourning for their loved-ones and did not possess the spirit to believe God for such a miraculous victory as that that David had spoken of.

Although God had spoken to David, reassuring him that every man would Recover ALL -including every man’s wife and every man’s child…missing NO-THING, great or small…yet they did not have the faith to GO-ON with God.

I’m sure this was quite a disappointment for David. God had told him to GO and pursue the raiders, but somehow David had imagined that the Lord would give him this miraculous victory with the strength and might of his army of 600 men vs. only 400.

I’m sure that David made every attempt to also encourage these faithless men in the Lord, as he had encouraged his own spirit in Verse 30:6…but at some point, David had decided that he must hold fast to his own Faith in God. He would Press-On, leaving the 200 behind and leading the 400 Forward.

David decided to Just Believe God…Going-On and trusting that He was still going to give him the victory, regardless of the size of his army…just as He had promised. Only this miraculous victory would not be obtained via the strength of David’s 600 mighty men, nor even by the power of David’s 400 men, but it would be obtained by God’s Ever-Abounding and Faithful Spirit to those Who Will Just Believe.


-It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.
(Zechariah 4:6)

Thanks For Stopping By!!
God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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God Called In David’s RSVP!!

-THE LORD said to Samuel, How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? Fill your horn with oil; I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I have provided for Myself a king among his sons-
(1Samuel 16:1)

Hey Neighbor!Today’s lesson is about David, my favorite bible character.

No doubt this lesson will be the first of many more relative to this ‘Awesome Dude.’

A few weeks ago, I shared a little humor about how God can use Us, although We are imperfect.

That Lesson (God Wants You 👈!!) showed Us that David, amongst many other bible characters, was imperfect…yet useable, in God’s economy.

David had these three strikes against him. But God didn’t count him out…Hallelujah!!

1. David had an affair w/Bathsheba
2. David was too young.
3. David’s Armor didn’t fit.

Today We will address Strike #2 –

David Was Too Young!!


King David began to reign, as King of Israel when he was 32 years old, but He was anointed by God while still in his teens.

David was handpicked by God to replace King Saul, who God had rejected as King because of his continual disobedience.

In Verse 1 (1 Samuel 16:1), We see where God redirects Samuel, who was very disappointed with King Saul and was grieving, exceedingly over his friend, Saul because of his ‘Faith-Failures.’

So…God had sought out and had chosen David, a ‘man after His own heart,’ yet David did not receive an invitation to his own ‘Anointing Party.’ LOL!!

God had instructed Samuel to invite Jesse, David’s Father to the sacrifice…along with ‘ALL’ of his 8 sons, but Jesse neglected to invite David because he was just, too young.

See…David was the baby boy in the family, and had spent most of his time out in the field, tending to his father’s sheep.

Also…Jesse did not believe that the Lord would choose little David…

Nor did Samuel!!

In Fact…God did not even make Samuel aware beforehand, which of Jesse’s sons he was to anoint.

God was doing His ‘Walk by Faith’ thing again…

telling Samuel to – GO…

And I’ll show you ‘what’ you shall do…and ‘who’ you shall anoint, when You get there!!

I Love It…God is So Cool!!

So Samuel was ever ‘faith-full’ and obedient, as He went forth and waited for the Lord to confirm the identity of the ‘man’ after His own heart.

Prior to the Sacrifice, all of Jesse’s sons – minus David- had been, cleaned up…and consecrated for this most holy occasion…where each of the boys would be introduced, individually, and presented to Samuel, the Prophet.

First came Eliab, but…God rejected Eliab!!

Then came, Abinadab…but God rejected Abinadab!!

Then came, Shammah…but God rejected Shammah!!

So after seven of Jesse’s eight sons had passed before Samuel…God rejected each of them!!

Then Finally, Samuel realized that Jesse had failed to RSVP a seat for the youngest…yet… the chosen son.

-Then [he] said to Jesse, Are all your sons here? [Jesse] said, There is yet the youngest; he is tending the sheep. Samuel said to Jesse, Send for him; for we will not sit down to eat until he is here-
(1 Samuel 16:11)

When David arrived, in his shepherd’s clothing, not yet washed, nor consecrated, and as he passed before Samuel, The Lord confirmed the identity of ‘His Chosen Man.’

“The Lord said [to Samuel], Arise, anoint him; this is he” (1Sa 16:12)…with sheep smell and all…

So Samuel Arose and anointed David with oil, in the presence of his brothers and his father.

Although Jesse, Samuel, and his brothers had rejected David, deeming him unworthy and unfit to reign as King, because they looked at his outward appearance…

God saw David’s heart (his intents and thoughts) and had Approved and Accepted him!!

The World looked at David…and saw a ‘boy’ who was Too Young…Too Short…and Too Dirty…

But God looked at David…and saw a ‘Man’ with a ‘heart’ for God!!

God Saw that David was ‘Righteous.’

David believed in, trusted in, and relied on God!!

David would later, in his life, become the writer of most of the Psalms…where in so many of them, he revealed his heart to God and proclaimed His Love for God!!

Sure David may have appeared to be Young, dirty, and maybe a bit smelly, but God had chosen him…

hand-picked him…

prepared a table for him…

filled his cup…


reserved David’s seat/throne…as ‘His Anointed’ King of Israel!!


-You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my [brimming] cup runs over- (Psalm 23:5)

God IS So Awesome!!

He Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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GO! And SURELY, You Shall Recover ALL!!

-David was greatly distressed, for the men spoke of stoning him because the souls of them all were bitterly grieved, each man for his sons and daughters. But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God- (1Samuel 30:6)

 Hey Neighbor!


Sometimes We need to take a moment to ponder and meditate on the Awesomeness and Faithfulness of God!!

And as We remember and Reflect on God’s Goodness, We too will find Ourselves, like David, ‘Encouraged in The Lord.’

Here’s David’s Story…


OH, how David’s faith in God must have been shaken. He was greatly distressed. He was now King Saul’s most wanted enemy!!

You see, Saul viewed David as a threat to his throne and as a potential claimant to the throne- David was to be immediately exterminated.

Saul wanted David- Dead or Alive!!

David had been dejected by the Israelite armies and had now foolishly defected to the Philistine Armies, under King, Achish.

But King Achish’s sons refused to permit David to fight in the battle against his former comrades, fearing that, during the heat of battle, David would have a change of heart, and would return and begin to fight in favor of his first love- Israel!!

And so David was sent away, back to his town of refuge- Ziklag.

Upon his return, David was astounded to find his home and lands had been burned to the ground and all of his possessions had been taken, including his wives and children!!

Verse 30:4 tells Us that David and his men were devastated. They fell to the ground, grieving in bitter sorrow…and they weeped and weeped…until they had no strength left.

Here, We find David in a mental, emotional, and spiritual pit…And just when David believed that all had been lost, except for his Mighty Men, his ‘faithful friends’ in times of trouble- his ‘ride or die comrades’ – They had also turned against David and were now threatening to stone him!!


Well, David’s men had decided that David was to blame for this devastating tragedy.

After all, it was David’s foolish idea to abandon the wives and the children, leaving them helpless and unprotected in Ziklag, and to go and fight along side Israel’s enemies, on the wrong side of a war.

So David finds himself in a state of confusion, mourning his own loss but also stressed-out, and overwhelmed with fear and guilt for his comrades’ losses.

But David had learned not to count God Out!!

David begins to remember God’s Faithful Feats!!

David remembered that God had given him victory over the nearly 10ft Giant, Goliath!!

David remembered how God had caused him to evade and escape from King Saul’s javelin!!

David remembered that God had given him 600 trustworthy companions to protect him and and to serve with him!!

Unfortunately, It was these same trusted 600 who were now threatening to kill him!!

Now as David was reflecting on How God had always been present and active during his toughest trials – having never forgotten him nor forsaken him- David realized that his sorrow had begun to subside, his head wasn’t hung quite so low…

He also noticed that his soul was no longer so downcast!!

And as David continued to meditate and ponder on God’s marvelous works- He found himself ‘Encouraged in the Lord!’

So David returned to himself with a renewed hope in God!!

David sought the Lord in Prayer, asking Him for guidance and instruction.

And God Answered David!!

God told David to pursue the troop that had burned Ziklag – Reassuring David that He and His comrades would recover absolutely everything!!

God said, Go! And Surely, You Shall Recover All.

-David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, I pray you, bring me the ephod. And Abiathar brought him the ephod. And David inquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them? The Lord answered him, Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all-

(1 Samuel 30:7-8)

Take the time this week to Read Through 1 Samuel 27-30 and ‘Encourage Yourself in the Lord.’

Thanks For Stopping By!!

Don’t Forget Tomorrow is Trivia Thursday!!

So until then-

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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30 Pieces of Silver!!

Hey Neighbor!

Recently, I was asked by one of the ministers of my church to participate in a new online outreach program called ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver.’ 

During Covid- Our Membership at Bethany had drastically declined and 30 pieces was initiated as an attempt to reach out to the members of the church who were hindered from attending Sunday Services in person. 

We were also hoping that 30 pieces would appeal to the online listeners- who have not yet visited the church, but still had a desire to come out. These are the folks on our radar- The Silent Membership- those that have been watching the Sunday Morning Message, but would like to gain more information about the individual members of the congregation, before they take their next step. 

We are about 3 months in now and 30 pieces is thriving and we are successfully reaching our target audience, so I thought I would share a couple of the messages with you. 

We are first-time Facebook amateurs, so please be patient with Us!!

My girl-friend, Kim and I were the first of the members to take the baton for 30 pieces and our first Lesson was 2/8/2022. Our Topic was on The Holy Spirit.

This is Our Second and Most Recent Video dated, 3/29/2022. Our Topic was on Friendship and Support For Our Disabled Adult Children.

Thanks For Stopping By!!

Don’t Forget Tomorrow is Trivia Thursday!!

Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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