Enjoy A Wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

-Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son-
(Genesis 18:14)

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Today’s Scripture Reminds Us that God Always Keeps His Promises!!

What Has God Promised You About Your Marriage??

Here’s A Little History About A Couple…with a troubled marriage, who I think We All Recognize…And the Promises of God For Their Life, Together…

So Sarah bore Abraham a baby boy named, ‘Laughter.’ Remember that it was in her tent, just a year prior, when she had overheard the Angel of the Lord prophecy to her husband, Abraham, that she…Sarah…a 90 year old woman…would bear a Son.

Sarah LOL’ed!! [ Laughed Out Loud]
…And the Angel of the Lord heard her!!

This thought was absolutely absurd…it was so absurd that Abraham laughed, also.
In fact, Genesis 17:17 tells us that Abraham was ROFLMAO!! – [Rolling on the floor, laughing his *** off]

Still, God kept his Promise to Abraham and Sarah…visiting Sarah at the set time of which He prophesied…and Sarah bore Abraham a son, Isaac (laughter).

God Always keeps His promises!!

Even when We are walking…shackled in the chains of doubt and unbelief…Even when We are limping…in hurt and pain…Crying out to The Lord, saying…”It’s Just TOO Hard!!”

See when We think about the word ‘hard’…We think strenuous, exhausting, or requiring a great deal of effort, but God Says, HE CAN BREAK THOSE CHAINS!!

GOD is Almighty and He Designed the ‘Easy’ Button…Not Staples!!…And NOTHING is too Hard For HIM!!

You see…God Was telling Abraham…don’t sweat the details, Abe…This thing is not a big deal…I GOT THIS!!

Even though Abraham and Sarah reacted to the ‘Angel of the Lord’ as if they had entertained an ‘Angelic’ Comedian – on tour…Indeed it was God…prophesying that there was merriment, joy, and pleasure on the horizon for Abraham and Sarah’s marriage.

I can imagine that there had been much turmoil in their marriage, after Abraham slept with Hagar…and Hagar bore him Ishmael, who was now about 13 years old!!

Sure…it was Sarah’s -not so bright- idea to give Abraham her maidservant…then Sarah regretted that foolish idea. She beat Hagar…after she conceived…and tried to run her out of town.

How Funny…that this same ‘Angel of the Lord,’ had sent Hagar back home, into their lives…After Hagar had runaway!!

Remember, Hagar despised Sarah…so I can imagine Hagar taunted Sarah and flaunted her Son…Sarah’s husband’s Son…in her face…So much that after Isaac was born…Sarah had reached her boiling point!!

Sarah was fed-up with Hagar’s ‘games’ and she demanded that Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away, because Now…Ishmael was teasing and taunting Isaac!!

I guess Ishmael learned it from his Momma!!

So anyway…God Confirmed to Abraham that it was time to send the ‘bond-woman’ away!!

It was time for this couple to enjoy their Wonderful Life, Together!!

It was time for Abraham and Sarah to experience peace and pleasure in their marriage…to put away the pain of their past and walk faithfully…in agreement with God… And enjoy His Promises!!

Sometimes it Seems So ‘hard’ to get past the hurt and pain that We’ve suffered in Our Marriages…and Relationships, in general.

But God says…If We will Just Put AWAY that Pain that has kept Us in bonds…and Trust Him…and Wait On God…Faith-Fully…HE Will Press That ‘Easy’ Button For Us…and Heal That Marriage!!

Husbands and Wives, Enjoy Your Spouses This Valentine’s Day!!

God Wants You To Enjoy A Wonderful Life, Together!!

Thanks For Visiting, Neighbor!!

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God Loves You and So Do I!!


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