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Trivia Tuesday – Name That ‘Stone-Thrower!!’

Hey Neighbor!

Are you familiar with the saying, ‘People who live in glass houses should not throw stones?’

Well, the actual meaning of this proverb is, “One should not cause harm to other people, if he is himself vulnerable”

Well today, we are looking for a certain Bible character who was literally found guilty of cursing and throwing stones at a king, during a time when the king was found most vulnerable.

And because this ‘stone-thrower’ did not immediately suffer the consequences of his treachery upon that king, he continued to live on quite comfortably in his ‘glass house’ as if he, himself, was not also vulnerable to be harmed.

Now of course our stone-thrower did not literally live in a glass house, because at this time, the Israelites lived in tents.

But the irony here, is such that our ‘stone-thrower’ did finally meet his fate; but not while he sat or slept behind the security of his glass walls and doors!!

In fact, this stone thrower was actually put to death because he departed from the confines of his home, leaving him in direct violation of the succeeding king’s commands.

You see, this treasonous ‘stone-thrower’ had finally been judged and convicted of his crimes, and was placed under house arrest; but just three years later, he too found himself in a situation of vulnerability.

There was trouble in his home, and two of his rebellious servants had run away; and thus our cursing, stone-thrower hurriedly departed from his house, in order to retrieve his servants from Gath, and get them back onto his estate.

When the king was made aware of the stone-throwers violation of the ‘stay-at-home’ order, he was immediately put to death.

Those very same stones that he had thrown, intending to harm a very vulnerable king, had finally ricocheted, and had made contact upon this ‘stone-throwers’ very own vulnerable head!!

Can You Name This Stone-Thrower??