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Will Jesus Find You “Faith-Full??”

-However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [persistence in] faith on the earth-
(Luke 18:8)

Back in 2014, I did a series on some faith-full folks from the Bible, and I also included a story of faith about my girlfriend, Erica.

Here’s The intro to the series and Faith-full, Erica’s Story.



Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without Faith, we cannot please The Lord….So when Jesus comes back, will He find us and say…
Well done my good and “Faith-Full’ servant!??

This week we are going to look at a few “Faith-Full” bible characters.
Now just to remind you…these bible characters were real people with real problems…just like you and me…but they overcame by faith…and so do We!! Hallelujah!!

These are some of the bible characters we will look at this week:

Tuesday’s Lesson: Joseph
-Genesis 39-41

Will Jesus come back and find you faithful ‘at work’ like Joseph??
-Even though he was the only God fearing believer on the job.

Wednesday’s Lesson: Paul and Silas – Acts 16:16-17

Will Jesus come back and find you like Paul and Silas?? Imprisoned and yet ‘faithfully’ praising

Thursday’s Lesson: Zacchaeus
-Luke 19:1-9

Will Jesus come back and find you
like Zacchaeus??
Faithfully, Sitting up on the highest tree branch trying to
‘Get a Glimpse of Jesus.’

Friday’s Lesson: Elijah
– 1 Kings 18-19

Will Jesus come back and find you running like Elijah??….Running so faithfully for God, that you’ve outpaced the King’s horses and chariots??

Monday’s Lesson (today): My friend, Erica

Will Jesus come back and find you like my friend, Erica?? Faithfully, on her way to bible study after a car accident??

Here’s her story:

Erica was on her way to Tuesday night Bible Study at her church. She was driving down the highway with her daughter in the passenger’s seat, when another driver sideswiped her car, leaving her spinned-out in the road!!

Praise God they were unharmed, physically, but they were both in-shock, and shaken-up. The police officer came onto the scene, did his job, and gave her a copy of the paperwork.

Again, they were physically unharmed, but the passenger’s side mirror was now half gone and the glass mirror was shattered into pieces.

Now, Erica was still a nervous wreck, but praising God that He spared their lives; and her daughter was still visibly upset, but getting it together when the officer sends her on her way.

Now, Does Erica turn the car around to go back home??


She keeps her car in the east-bound lane heading for her church!!


What kind of Faith is that??….And Where can I get some!!

‘Cause I would have taken my wimpy, whiny tail AND my baby back home where I felt safe…as we used to say, ‘with the quickness!’

I would have been pressing to get home, where my husband would be, to hold me and tell me it was all going to be alright..

But this girl stays on the designated path…Still driving and praying and wiping tears as she looks, from time to time, over at her daughter and the remnants of the side mirror.

She presses to get her ‘Faith-Full’ tail to the House of The Lord…her Strong Tower!!

-The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the [consistently] righteous man [upright and in right standing with God] runs into it and is safe, high [above evil] and strong-
(Prov 18:10)


Erica ran into the church and found safety in the arms of Jesus!!
She also found the loving support and the helping hands of her Pastor and her church family.

That’s how I want to be when Jesus finds me, “Faith-Full” and strong in The Lord…like Erica!!

So, I hope Erica’s story encouraged you today! Don’t let the devil put you on a Detour…Keep Pressing On, By Faith!!

So come back tomorrow for Tuesday’s Lesson where we will look at “Faith-Full,”Joseph. – On the Job, in Egypt, where he was the only believer.

Until then…Remember

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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I really appreciate You!!

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Trivia Thursday- Name That King/Name That Prophet!!

Hey Neighbor!

This week, Our Trivia Tuesday question pointed to a certain wife, Queen Ano, wife of Jeroboam, who disguised herself while enroute to see the Lord’s prophet in Shiloh.

Now, We know that King Jeroboam was an exceptionally wicked king, who made the people in Israel to sin by worshipping the golden calves that he placed in Dan and Bethel, in addition to his many other abhorrent sins!!

Realizing that God had given him up, Jeroboam devised this plan in order to receive a Word from God, via God’s man, via deception!!

King Jeroboam had advised his wife to disguise herself, hoping that Ahijah would prophesy good news concerning their sickly son, but this plot of deception, and Ano’s false identity were both revealed to the blind prophet, Ahijah, by The Lord God!!

This story reminds me of another king in Israel, who also put on a disguise and sought a word from a dead prophet, because God had also given up on him, and refused to talk him!!

Can You Name This King??

Can You also Name That (Dead) Prophet??



Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Nuggets Of Wealth For Life and Health – Fermented Garlic, Infused in Honey🍯

-And He said to me, Son of man, eat this scroll that I give you and fill your stomach with it. Then I ate it, and it was as sweet as honey in my mouth (Ezekiel 3:3)

Hey Neighbor!

Your Health Must Matter Most To You!!

It’s cold and flu season, so now is the time to prepare your home remedies and keep them on hand, just in case!!

My #1 staple to survive the winter is a fermented garlic infused in honey!! 😋

Here are your ingredients:
Fresh Garlic and Raw/Local Honey

And that’s it!!

It’s so easy to make; just smash your garlic cloves with a large knife and remove the peels.

Toss those smashed individual cloves into your mason jar, and pour enough honey over them to cover everything.

Stir it well and seal your jar tightly!!

Instead of shaking the contents, I find that it’s much easier to invert my well sealed jar several times throughout the day, so that everything continues to mix and integrate.

You will need to burp your jar daily, because things are going to get bubbly, as the garlic ferments and feeds on the natural sugars in the honey!!

You can keep your container in a cool dark place, after one week, where it can fully ferment for up to 30 days; but if you’re like me, you’re going to be in this jar nonstop, after 7 days!!

I put garlic in nearly everything, anyway, so I am definitely a garlic lover, but even I can’t eat it straight…it’s just too poweful!!

But after a week, this stuff tastes great and it makes the honey taste better than it did before…and of course the added benefits to this stuff is that it is great for the gut, it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and also anti-inflammatory!!

It doesn’t get any better than this!!

You will be able to eat the cloves, without pain and suffering…and you can add the honey to your hot tea, steel cut oatmeal, and/or add it to your homemade salad dressing!!

However you decide to use your ferment, each time you indulge, you will be boosting your immunity and warding off the effects of cold and flu season!!




Once Again…I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV!!

So Ultimately, You must do your own research, and talk with your physician to make the best health choices for yourself and your family.


God Loves You and So Do I!!

Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Trivia Tuesday- Name That Prophet/Name That Wife!!

-Now a day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed to Samuel in his ear, Tomorrow about this time I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you shall anoint him to be leader over My people Israel….(1Samuel 9:15)

Hey Neighbor!

In the lead scripture above, we see where The Lord forewarned Samuel, the Prophet, of the coming of a man, who would soon become the first anointed king of Israel.

Saul had come seeking the prophet/seer, out of concern for his father (Kish’s) lost donkeys.

We learn that Samuel was pleased to share this good news, and good fortune with Saul, as he poured the anointing oil over his head, and as he kissed Saul, the ‘anointed’ king.

Now much later in Israel, a woman would also be found seeking The Lord’s prophet, in Israel.

This woman was the wife of an ‘anointed’ king, who was dressed in such a way, as to disguise her identify.

This woman had come, seeking the prophet, as to learn the fate of her very sick son.

Now although she was dressed ‘incognito,’ this prophet, who was blind, identified the woman as the king’s wife, as soon as he heard her footsteps!!

This was because the Lord had forewarned the prophet of this woman’s upcoming arrival into Shiloh.

Now unfortunately the prophet was charged with some very burdensome news for the king’s wife; and thus, the man of God went on to prophesy the immediate death of the woman’s child, upon her return to her own city!!

Who was this (blind) Prophet, that was charged with such heavy news??

And who was this woman/wife, who had come to the man of God, dressed ‘incognito?’


Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

More Solution Saturday!!

Hey Neighbor!

Once Again, Here is Our (Partial) Trivia Tuesday Question, It’s’ Answer, and Our Answerers!!


This father lost his first son, while laying Jericho’s foundation, and he later lost his youngest son while setting up the gates to enclose the city.

Now, who was this exceptionally daring sinner/father, who ventured forth to rebuild this cursed city, in defiance to God’s spoken Word!!

Also, Can You Name this man’s two Sons, (Relatives) both the elder and the youngest, who both lost their lives, while rebuilding the Land of Jericho??


Answer: Hiel, The Bethelite

In his days, Hiel the Bethelite built Jericho. He laid its foundations at the cost of the life of Abiram his firstborn, and set up its gates with the loss of his youngest son Segub, according to the word of the Lord which He spoke through Joshua son of Nun. (1Kings 16:34)

🏆Answerers: 🥇Pat👏👏👏


🥉Warren 👏👏👏


Much Thanks to All my Faith-Full friends for playing along!!


Let’s Keep Search through the Bible this week for more Answers!! 💃🏽🕺✝️



God Loves You and So Do I!!

Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Solution Saturday Answer: Mary- Sister to Martha and Lazarus!!

-Now while they were on their way, it occurred that Jesus entered a certain village, and a woman named Martha received and welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord“s feet and was listening to His teaching (Luke 10:38)

Hey Neighbor!

This past week, our CareBibleStudy Class searched through the Bible for Relatives; We were looking for the Name of the Father, who rebuilt Jericho, and we also found the names of his two sons who died, due to Joshua’s curse….That was Tuesday’s trivia!!

On Thursday, I attended a funeral, in support of a friend; therefore I did not post for Trivia Thursday.

Now Sunday’s Super-Faith Riddle was a little tough, but we did finally decided that this super-faith-full female was: Mary, Martha and Lazarus’ sister.

-This Mary was the one who anointed the Lord with perfume and wiped His feet with her hair. It was her brother Lazarus who was [now] sick (John 11:2)

– When Mary came to the place where Jesus was and saw Him, she dropped down at His feet, saying to Him, Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died (John 11:32)

– Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment. (John 12:3)

Now, here is Sunday’s Riddle (10/23) once again, just in case you missed out!!


She was postured like Saul with Gamaliel, but it wasn’t the law that he taught.
She would not be alarmed by the others in class, found to be heavily burdened and distraught
The yoke she had chosen, was easily borne, and its’ weight was extremely light
Like a moth to a flame, she was drawn to her friend, for his aura was intensely bright
She would not be separated from her master, even when others chastised her and did chide
For he was her vine, and as the teacher’s branch, she had learned to remain and abide.
She was found intensely focused, not idle; and in front of the class she found rest
She raise her hand, and out came, ‘Jesus!!’ The Perfect answer to ace EVERY test!!


And Here Are Our 🏆Riddle Solvers:

🥇Pat 👏👏👏

🥈Pedro 👏👏👏


Now, there are several Mary’s mentioned in the Bible, i.e. Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary, the wife of Cleophas, and also Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was a very good answer for this riddle, guessed by both Anneta and Wenda, but we were specifically looking for Mary, the Sister; who we can undoubtedly find at Jesus’ feet, whenever she is mentioned in the Bible!!


Thanks So Much to All Who Participated. 💯💪🏾💃🏽

Go ahead, Celebrate and Get Your Super-Faith Boogie On 💃🏽🕺✝️


And Stay Tuned For More Solution Saturday!!


God Loves You and So Do I!!

Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Super-Faith Sunday Riddle-Who Was She??

Hey Neighbor!

It’s Sunday, October 30th, and Here is Your Super-faith-full female of the week!!

Let’s Hope You Can Solve My Riddle??


She heard a Word from The Lord, He was saying, ‘Sustain.’
Though her own provision was nil, cause the Lord withheld rain
She was not a woman of strength, she was wearied and weak
Yet she gave what she had, to attend to the meek
God had sent his servant, asking her to provide
When she’d given up hope, she presumed they would die
How could God say ‘sustain,’ with just a handful of meal
Yet He showed himself mighty through this man from Israel
Though death did arrive, and long was the drought
God’s provision was continuous, and she never ran out.


Who Was She??



Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Nuggets Of Wealth For Life and Health – How to Make A Healthy, Probiotic-Rich Soda!!

Hey Neighbor!

Your Health Must Matter Most To You!!

As I was learning how to preserve my vegetable harvest last year, I also learned how to make ‘soda-like’ probiotic-rich beverages, with the use of a ferment starter, called a ‘Ginger Bug.’

So You say: Tam, What the heck is a Ginger Bug??

It’s just fresh ginger, diced, and sweetened with organic cane sugar. It’s the base ingredient that you will need in order to make a homemade ginger ale, ginger beer, or any flavored probiotic rich ‘soda-like’ drink that you prefer!!

And, good news…there is no need to add any artificial carbonation, and there is no alcohol involved in the making of this homemade, fermented soda!!

How to make Your Ginger Bug in just Just Five Easy steps!!

1. Dice up 2 heaping tbsp of your fresh ginger and place this into a clean mason jar. (I prefer to keep the peel on my ginger, but peel it, if you prefer.)
2. Add 2 tbsp of filtered water to your mason jar
3. Add 1 tbsp of pure cane sugar (no artificially bleached beet sugar)
4. Stir well, loosely cover with a coffee filter (to let air in, but keep dust out) and tighten w/a string or rubber band.
5. You will leave this out, in a warm spot, on your countertop afterwards…then repeat these same steps for the next 5-6 days.

Ultimately, your will remove your coffee filter, seal your jar tightly, and then refrigerate!!

And now that your ‘Ginger-bug’ has been fed for 5-6 days, it should appear very fizzy and bubbly.

It will continue to ferment slowly, inside of your refrigerator…and now you’re ready to make soda!!

My favorite flavor is Strawberry/Rosemary!!

1. In a separate (32oz) mason jar, add a sprig of fresh rosemary and also add 1 cup of your fresh or frozen strawberries – slice them and keep the leaves on, if you like!!

2. Add 1/2 cup of sugar

3. Add 1/2 cup of your ginger bug/ferment starter to this mason jar – You can also include some of your ginger bits (from the bug), or not.

4. Now you must ‘Re-feed’ your refrigerated ginger bug with an additional 1/2 cup of filtered water + 1/2 cup of sugar, then stir it and return it to the refrigerator for your next homemade drink.

5. Finally, add filtered or spring water to your 32oz. mason jar, filled with your ingredients. Fill it 3/4 of the way, seal tightly and shake!!


Now I like to let my fermented soda set up, while it’s on top of my refrigerator. That’s so that it can stay nice and warm, while my sugar is dissolving.

It’s very important to keep your ferment in sight, so that you can remember to shake it from time to time, and so that you don’t forget to burp it once/day!!

Why must you burp your ferment??

Well, because your fermented ginger is probiotic-rich, as it eats the additional sugar, it will begin to produce CO2, just like your fermented pickles and tomatoes, so it is very important to burp your jar once every 24 hours- to release that pressure and to avoid 💣💥🌋!!

Here is a picture of my ferment that I neglected to burp on day 3!!

Non-alcoholic Strawberry/Rosemary Fermented Soda 😋

When I finally released the pressure, it gave off several strong whooshes that nearly freaked me out!!

It nearly ran over the top of the jar, just as if I had drooped a soda can, and then attempted to open it immediately afterwards. Wow!! 🤯

Ok!! So obviously, this delicious fermented drink will become very fizzy in 2-3 days, but if you’re overly excited and/or impatient, it will produce a very light fizz within 24 hours and can be chilled or served @ room temperature 😋

I think you will really enjoy this homemade drink, without the alcohol, caffeine, and certainly without the diabetic-inducing high fructose corn syrup found in most of your store bought sodas!!

Again, whether you have fresh ingredients or frozen, go ahead and try this – and try experimenting with other flavors, like blueberry/mint, strawberry/pineapple, blackberry/lavender!!

Let me know how yours turns out, and once again, don’t forget to burp your jar every 24 hours!!

Until Next time, Happy Fermenting!!



God Loves You and So Do I!!

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Nuggets of Wealth For Life and Health – Probiotic Rich, Fermented Pickles!!

Hey Neighbor!

Your Health Must Matter Most To You!!

After I posted my fermented tomatoes recipe, My blogger buddy, Wenda asked me what I was going to do with my cucumbers, so I decided to share my fermented pickles recipe.

Much like my fermented tomatoes, these are also very rich in probiotics, so they are great for digestion!!

Here is a link to my Fermented tomatoes Recipe, just in case you missed it!!

Last year was was my first attempt at growing cucumbers. I bought 2 vines, added some chicken poop and seaweed for fertilizer, and those things were growing everywhere!!

It was crazy!!

I had cucumbers growing up the side of my deck, and one of the more aggressive vines even tried to attach itself to a tree and then begin to grow up there.

My husband kept cutting them and bringing them in, so I went pickling crazy!!

Needless to say, I still have pickles in my basement refrigerator leftover from last year, so I did not actually plant any cucumbers this year…but I still stumbled upon some volunteer cucumbers hidden in a patch…and who knew cucumber vines were so prickly and itchy!!👀

Now the first thing to do is to wash them well and be sure to scrub off all those prickly things, then slice off both of the end tips.

I like to half mine and then quarter them into spears.

Now, You can use whatever variation of fresh herbs and seasonings that you like, but the most critical ingredient you will need, is either a black tea bag or a few basil leaves to maintain crispness!!

Here are my ingredients!!

1 Tea bag and or (2-3) bay leaves (for crispy pickles)
2 tablespoons of Real Salt, Himalayan, or Sea Salt (no iodized table salt)
Mustard seed (yellow or brown)
Sliced Onions
Fresh dill
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Garlic (diced, if you like them garlicky)
Pickling spice
Celery seed
Black peppercorns (add red pepper🌶 flakes, if you like your pickles spicy) 🥵

Now, you will want to place your black tea bag into the bottom of your clean mason jar. If you option to use green tea, add 2 green tea bags.

Arrange your spears into your jar first…I like to make layers, so that my jar looks pretty when I’m done. Sometimes, I find that lying my jar on its’ side helps with the arranging.

Now, after all of your ingredients are packed in tightly, pour in your non chlorinated water…filtered or spring water is best.

Fill your jar, as to cover all of your ingredients and then you can weigh them all down with a glass weight. (or a couple of shot glasses)

This will help to insure that all of your ingredients remain underneath the brine…otherwise they could mold.

If you don’t have a glass weight, a nice bunch of fresh dill can be used to help keep the cucumbers from floating up!!

Once again, you will seal your container or twist on your plastic or clean metal canning lid and, please remember to burp your contents daily for the next 2-3 days.

Be mindful of placement…you want to find a countertop area, away from direct heat and/or sunlight. And preferably, your kitchen temp is between 68-72 degrees.

You should start to see bubbles rising inside of your jar after a couple of days….This is a good thing, that means fermentation is happening.

The good bacteria is beginning to eat the sugars from your cucumbers, and are now producing CO2, so once again, don’t forget to release these gasses (or burp) your jar once/day….otherwise…boom🤯💥

After 2-4 days, try your pickles with a clean fork. If you like them, remove your glass weights and refrigerate them and enjoy.

If you prefer your pickles with a little sweetness, then sweeten them before your refrigerate them. I prefer unbleached organic sugar, but I have also sweetened them with honey as well.

Your pickles will continue to ferment inside of your refrigerator, but at a much slower rate!!

Your fermented pickles are not shelf stable and will begin to grow mold if you fail to refrigerate them after several days.

How to eat them??

You can add them to your salads, slice them and add them to your sandwiches and/or pour your brine into your soups and/or broths.

I even add my pickle juice to my spaghetti sauce😋.

If you have other fermenting or pickling ideas, let me know!!

Thanks For Stopping By!!


God Loves You and So Do I!!

Bible Brain Teaser, Bible Challenge, bible fun, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia Answers, Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Health, Trusting God

Nuggets Of Wealth for Life and Health – August 24

Hey Neighbor!

Tam’s CareBibleStory – Tabitha!!

Last week, I taught a Class on Jesus’ Faith-full Daughter, Tabitha from the Bible.

This Lesson comes from Acts 9:36-43.

I also shared this lesson last week, here on the CareBibleStudy blog. I will repost the link, if you would like to check it out.

So Last night, my friend Kimberly came over to co-host with me, since I don’t have a Facebook page. We did have some technical difficulties.

The post photo is sideways…like this!!🤣

This is the Post Photo on the church’s website.

But we worked out the kinks quickly!!

Kim and I always have a great time together, as you can tell from the featured pic!! This is our fourth BibleStudy that we’ve done together. You can find the others on the church website, as you scroll through!!

But anyway….we had an awesome time hanging out last night and sharing Tabitha’s story!

Now, even though there are only 7 verses here in Acts, Dr. Luke and The Holy Spirit have both left us nugget after nugget in each one of those verses!!

So today I’m sharing our Facebook Live Lesson with you guys for Today’s Nugget!!

Again, don’t worry if you don’t have a Facebook account, neither do I!!

Our message is about 32 minutes long, so when you get a chance, carve out a little time to watch and Enjoy🤩


God Loves You and So Do I!!