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Trivia Tuesday – Name That Prophet/King!!

  • ABOUT THAT time Herod (Agrippa) the king stretched forth his hands to afflict and oppress and torment some who belonged to the church (assembly). And he killed James the brother of John with a sword (Acts 12:1)

Hey Neighbor!

Last week, we talked about Herod (Agrippa’s) tragic death in Caesarea, where he was struck down by an angel of the Lord and was eaten by worms.

Agrippa was a cold-hearted, brutal King, who resisted God and did not give Him his due Glory.

Before his death, Agrippa took pleasure in persecuting the apostles!!

In fact, He killed James, and he even jailed Peter, having fully intended to kill him also!!

What a wicked man from a wicked family of Kings!!

Agrippa’s treacherous grandfather, Herod the Great, sought after the baby Jesus, with intent to kill him, and Agrippa’s incestuous uncle killed one of the last Old Testament prophets!!


Can You name That Prophet?? And……..

Can You also Name Agrippa’s Uncle (King) Who killed that Prophet??


If your answers are correct, I will hold them in pending, so don’t fret….I got You!!💪🏾



God Loves You and So Do I!!