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How Do We Magnify God??

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together-
(Psalms 34:3)

Hey Neighbor!

How Do We Magnify God??

Well, First things First…We can’t make God BIGGER than He already is…Lol!!

But We can make Him BIGGER in Our Everyday Lives.

We Magnify God when We Give Him First Place each day…Making Him our Top Priority.

In Sunday School, the children and I did a little activity and I thought it was an awesome activity to start the morning…

And not just for the children, but for ALL of Us…both BIG and small!!

It was an activity that showed the Children How to start their Everyday ‘WITH’ God.

Sometimes, I think We make prioritizing God in Our lives into a difficult process, or even a chore, as We try to systematically and legalistically, set aside a special block of time for God.

Then, We find Ourselves frustrated and discouraged…when We realize that We just can’t maintain this activity with any regularity…And eventually quit!!

But…I really enjoyed this Activity…and I think it is ‘Simplistically,’ Awesome!!

Here’s the Activity…

First – The Children were asked to pretend to: Yawn and Stretch…And ‘Pray.’

Easy Huh??

Praying is simply…talking to God!!

It Doesn’t matter how long or short You make the conversation…

Just Talk to Him!!

Try Greeting God with a simple, yet cheerful, ‘Good Morning!’

I suggest You aim to be Cheerful…On purpose…Even though You woke-up Grouchy…Lol!!

So…In Practice, The kids and I pretended to Yawn and Stretch, as We Greeted God with a Cheerful ‘Good Morning!!’

The next activity was to pretend to: Comb/Brush Your hair…and ‘Pray.’

So…as We pretended to brush Our hair, We Thanked God For A New Day and asked Him to help Us with Our Hair…and with choosing the right outfit for the day.


You mean…God really wants to help Us with Our Hair/makeup…and getting dressed??

In Romans 8:28, The Apostle, Paul writes,

-We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.-

Notice the Wording, ‘All Things.’
This is another easy concept!!

Because ‘ALL…means…ALL.’

So Yes!!…God really IS concerned about the BIG… and the small details in our lives.

God Already has a Good plan for Your Day…So Pray and Ask Him to help make You Look Fabulous!!

The next activity was to: Pretend to Eat Breakfast and ‘Pray.’

Now, Sometimes I forget to Say ‘Grace’…but even for those who diligently and faithfully say grace, before eating…Remember to Pray that Others will have enough food to fill their bellies as well.

So…In practice, As we pretended to Pour the milk over Our cereal, We Prayed…asking God to bless and provide for families and children that may not have enough to eat today.

My Friend, who is a Minister, reminded me of this recently, when she shared how God had sent someone to bless her family with an entire meal…Isn’t God Awesome!!

Finally…the last portion of this activity suggested that We ‘Pray’ as We walk out of our homes to face the issues of the day…that is…enroute to the school bus, the bus stop, or before heading out to your car.

The lesson plan left no suggestion for how We should ‘act-out’ this last activity…but I would like to suggest this:

Pretend to open Your door…Pause for Just a moment, before You Walk Out…And Pray this Prayer:
‘Lord, Give Me YOUR Grace to do the things that YOU would have Me to do today, as YOU order My steps, according to YOUR Plan and YOUR Purpose.’

My Favorite Prayer to Add On Is This:
‘Lord, Make Me Salt and Light in the World, today!!’

Salt – So that Others might thirst for The Living Well of Water…Who is Jesus Christ, in Me!!

And Light – As Jesus’ Light shines in and through Me, providing Light and Guidance for lost Brothers and Sisters…leading them out of the darkness…and into YOUR Marvelous Light of Salvation!!

-But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.-
(1 Peter 2:9)

So Keep it Simple…As You Magnify God!!

Start Your Day…Keeping God First Place, as You Incorporate Him into the daily routine of Your Everyday Life!!


Do You have a Simple, Morning Routine…As You Keep God First??

I would Love to Hear it!!


Tomorrow I will post your Super-Faith Sunday Answer to this weeks Riddle.

Some of You are Sooooo close to the Target, but You are still missing the Servant’s actual Name.

Keep Seeking and Searching…You’ll find it!!

Until Tomorrow

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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The Pit Before the Palace – Part 1

⁃ And they said one to another, See, here comes this dreamer and master of dreams. So come on now, let us kill him and throw his body into some pit; then we will say [to our father], Some wild and ferocious animal has devoured him; and we shall see what will become of his dreams (Gen 37:19)

Hey Neighbor!!

I was reading this morning about Joseph, the ‘master’ of dreams, as he was ‘so called’ and viciously mocked by his ‘green-eyed’ older brothers, who had grown to hate him.

Yes! I did say that Joseph’s brother’s hated him.


Well here is some family background first, which should help us understand why:

Joseph was the 11th son of 12 boys born into a household filled with jealousy and envy. Their father, Jacob, had 4 different wives… and 2 of those wives (Leah and Rachel) were sisters, who were constantly in strife, competing for their husband’s love, time, and attention, even though Rachel was openly recognized as Jacob’s favorite wife.

Now Jacob still had two 2 more wives, Bilhah and Zilpah- they originally served as handmaids to each of the sisters, but were now given, (in the spirit of competition) to Jacob, as concubines (secondary wives.)

Can you imagine the ongoing arguments inside of their tents??

Drama! Drama!! Drama!!!

Well…it didn’t make things any better after Jacob unashamedly proclaimed Joseph (Rachel’s boy) as his ‘favorite’ son and openly bestowed upon him a coat of many colors!

Now this is when we first learn (from Scripture) that Joseph’s brothers’ jealousy had been building and fermenting in their hearts and had matured into full grown hate! – Scripture tells us that they hated him so much that they would not speak to him- not even so much as to say Good Morning to him- Nor Good Night!!

I would imagine that each time they looked at Joseph wearing this beautiful, colorful coat…feelings of covetousness overcame them and thus they became even more enraged.

Now we know that Joseph did not hide this coat away in some secret drawer, as to calm and/or pacify his brothers’ rage.

And why would he??

Joseph both loved and honored his father, therefore he felt blessed to receive this precious gift and he was happy that his father had chosen to honor him with it – above all of his sons.

I’m sure that Joseph diligently cared for his coat, as this young shepherd had also cared for his fathers’ flock. I’m sure he was dutiful to keep it fresh, and crisp, and spot free. I’m sure that Joseph and his colorful coat were inseparable. In fact, We know that he was wearing his coat on the very day that his hate-filled brothers conspired to take his life.

-When Joseph had come to his brothers, they stripped him of his [distinctive] long garment which he was wearing; Then they took him and cast him into the [well-like] pit which was empty; there was no water in it (Gen 37:23)

Well you may say- what kind of dream did this boy have that would tick his brothers off to such an extreme that they would conspire against him and throw him into a pit??

Well….Here is Joseph’s 1st dream:

-We [brothers] were binding sheaves in the field, and behold, my sheaf arose and stood upright, and behold, your sheaves stood round about my sheaf and bowed down! His brothers said to him, Shall you indeed reign over us? Or are you going to have us as your subjects and dominate us? And they hated him all the more for his dreams and for what he said (Gen 37:7)

At this point, these wicked brothers were burning with anger and hatred. They were just about fed up with Joseph and these dreams, perceiving that Joseph viewed himself as superior to them. They feared this 1st dream was a prediction that Joseph would have dominion over them, and thus they feared that they would eventually become servants to Joseph.

Perhaps they were even more concerned that their much loved little brother, might usurp them chronologically and be given the birthright by Jacob- that is the double portion of their father’s blessing – which is traditionally given to the eldest son- that would be Reuben.

How could the youngest brother reign over the oldest?

How could this one son- reign over the many?

Well God explains why this thing would come to pass in 1Samuel 2:30 in regards to Eli’s two wicked sons- when He says:

-I will honor those who honor Me and I will lightly esteem those who despise Me.

Although the brothers were much offended by Joseph, his coat, and his dreams, God was using all of these these things for stumbling blocks to them, because they had despised their brother and their F(f)ather(s).

God had lightly esteemed Joseph’s older brothers because He knew their hearts to be wicked and He had witnessed their deceitful behavior. They had repeatedly dishonored their earthly father, Jacob and had therefore dishonored their Father in Heaven.

But God also knew Joseph’s heart. And… in Contrast, He had seen Joseph’s faithfulness- in that he was dutiful to his ‘dear old dad’ and all that Jacob possessed- Therefore, God chose to honor Joseph above all of his brothers, by causing Jacob to make this ‘son of his old age,’ a beautiful coat, which represented his future ‘prince-hood.’

Yes! Joseph’s dreams were indeed confirmation of things that were certain to come to pass.

And God had blessed Joseph ‘the dreamer’ with a prophetic peak into the Palace.

Yes! Joseph, the younger would indeed reign over the oldest- in fact, He would receive the birthright instead of Reuben.

Yes! Each of Jacob’s 11 (eleven) sons would indeed bow before the more righteous, (1) one- and they would once again call him ‘master’- in all his splendor!!

After all, God says the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. And very soon, Joseph will find himself in the Palace – Prince over great abundance, in a wicked land called Egypt.

We will continue this lesson next time and learn about Joseph’s 2nd dream and we will also learn why he would first find himself in the pit.

Along the way, we will gather some more history/background about the nature and character of Jacob’s brothers, who would continue to dishonor their F(f)athers.

Thanks For Stopping By, Neighbor!

Until Next a Time, Remember…

God Loves You and So Do I!!


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God Miniaturizes Mountains!!

-Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea! and does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him-  (Mark 11:23)

Hey Neighbor


Well, my mountain manifested as three giant, rotten trees that loomed over my house for several years…and I was worried that they would become weighed down with snow this winter, causing the limbs to begin to break off and fall onto my roof. Unfortunately, I was not financially prepared to contact a professional tree cutter, so I was praying and trusting God for a resolution to my tree troubles.

Well, I was blessed to have a friend come out and cut them down for me…and not because I asked him too, but Because he was concerned about our welfare and the Lord had sent him.

He was no professional tree cutter, so after I made sure that my homeowner’s insurance was in place (lol), I agreed to let him proceed.

Again, he was a friend of mine, so I was also very concerned about his welfare…as he was standing there underneath that massive tree, so I found myself praying for his safety as the chainsaw slowly sliced through the tree…inch by inch.

Of Course the Lord Gave His Angel’s charge over Us to Protect Us and I Thank And Praise God for Miniaturizing my Mountain!!

My God was concerned about Me and my family’s welfare…and He sent Oscar to cut-down that looming threat…from over our heads.

It wasn’t long after the trees had been cut down and the logs neatly stacked along my driveway that I ran into this scripture, which I had written down this past Summer.

-Even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees, so that every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and cast into the fire. (Luke 3:9)

And so, once again I was reminded of just how Loving Our God is, because while the weather was still hot and humid in June, and I was steadily worrying about what would befall Us with those trees…whether it would be drought, or wind, or rain to cause one of them to fall, God had already designed a plan.

When each of those trees had failed to acknowledge God first, for the very moisture that they needed to sustain its life…When they had failed to sprout leaves that would whistle in the wind, magnifying Him…and finally, when they had failed to produce fruit, God cursed them, having already laid the axe to their roots.

It reminds me of when Jesus cursed the fig tree that served no fruit, yet after it withered up and died, it served for fuel.

And now, during these frigid winter days and nights of below freezing temperatures, God has kept our family warm and cozy by the fire, as we most contentedly cast our wood…from those three rotten trees…into our fireplace.

Look At God…As He was caring about my family’s welfare, with such loving kindness, He was also tending to our need for warmth throughout this winter.

God is So Awesome!!…He indeed does miniaturize mountains!!

Thank You Jesus!!

Thanks For Stopping By…Until We Meet Again,
God Loves You and So Do I!!

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