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Solution Saturday Answers- Who’s Your Mom??

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s 3/19/2022 and It’s Solution Saturday!!

Well this week our Trivia Thursday questions were fill in the blank.

Our Question was: Who’s Your Mom?

So we just filled in the correct name of the mother associated with her child’s name (provided.)

The children listed were some of the sons and the 1 daughter of King David of Israel, who had a total of 8 wives. 

When I was setting up the trivia question, adding up the numbers of wives and children, I noticed that David’s first wife was not listed there in 1 Chronicles 3:1-9. 

Now I am a King David fan, so I am very attentive to details when I am reading anything regarding David. And so, I remembered that David was married to one of King Saul’s daughters.

After David killed Goliath, Saul promised his daughter to David in marriage. In fact, Saul promised his eldest daughter Merab, but defaulted on his initial promise to David and gave him Michal, his younger daughter to marry instead. 

Michal was David’s very first wife, but they did not have any children together – which is why she is not listed along with the other wives.  She was not a mother to any of David’s children. In fact, Michal remained childless throughout the entire marriage, even until her death. 

Now Michal was initially an excellent wife to David. She loved David sorely -and even protected him from Saul’s wrath, but David and Saul had a very difficult, love/hate relationship, and Michal was an unfortunate casualty of Saul’s never-ending war with David. 

I could go on and on, but I will spill Tea on both Saul and Michal at a later date…🫖

But For Today- I have Answers!!

  1. Absalom and Tamar are the children of David and Maacah.
  2. Daniel is the son of David and Abigail.
  3. Amnon is the son of David and Ahinoam.
  4. Nathan is the son of David and Bathsheba.
  5. Adonijah is the son of David and Haggith.
  6. Shephatiah is the son of David and Abital.
  7. Ithream is the son of David and Eglah.
  8. BONUS******David had one more Wife. Her name was Michal. (1 Samuel 18:27)


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