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Solution Saturday Answer: Tabitha/Dorcas!!

Hey Neighbor!

Once Again, I have your Super-Faith Sunday Riddle and Answer!!

I have also included a link to this Thursday’s detailed story about Tabitha’s life!!

This great woman of God was one of Jesus’ disciples!!

Tabitha was a seamstress who walked by faith and ‘sewed’ in love for Jesus Christ until she died, but then the Lord heard the cries of her friends and sent the Apostle, Peter to revive her!!

What a Great Bible Story!!😎


Now we also have a ‘Riddle Winner’ out on the Super-Faith Dance Floor:💃🏽🕺✝️

Her Name is Anneta Pinto-Young, a ‘Faith-full’ woman and blogger for God!!


Here is Sunday’s Riddle:


When a follower of Jesus suddenly fell ill,

Her friends refused to accept her death was God’s will

She had done so much to help the downtrodden and poor

She proved faith was not dead, by her works all the more

Her light had burned out, still she kept those warm who had need

Her friend’s cries moved the rock, when he saw all her deeds. 

The Lord loved this woman, who had given with cheer

When prayers for her were sent up, God was ‘faith-full’ to hear. 
Who Was She??


Answer: Tabitha/Dorcas


And The Super-Faith Sunday Challenge 🏆Award goes to: 🥁 🥁🥁 Anneta Pinto-Young👏👏👏

Anneta, The Dance Floor is now Yours… Do your ‘Super-Faith Dance,’ Girlfriend!!💃🏽🕺


💯Now there is also room on the dance floor for:


Anneta, You can invite all of your blogger friends to come out onto the dance floor with you to boogie!!


Thank You All for Playing Along…I always have so much fun with You in my 👩🏾‍🏫 classroom!!🤩



God Loves💕You and So Do I!!