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Bible Trivia Thursday- Whose Wife is This??

Hey Neighbor! 

It’s Trivia Thursday!!

I had gotten pretty busy yesterday and so I began to fret, thinking that I had forgotten to work on trivia questions. But the Holy Spirit does not forget- He brings all things to our remembrance. (John 14:26)

He reminded me that I had already typed out my 6 questions a little while back.

Whew!! 😰 

So since we’ve been Studying Jacob’s Boys, Joseph, and his male Siblings, I thought today I would take a detour and look back at some of the females, particularly the wives. 

We have already been learning about Tamar, with still more to come. Tamar was the Canaanite wife of Er and Onan. (Genesis 38)

Remember that Er and Onan were sons born to Judah – who was Jacob’s 4th born Son, and he was also the brother who decided to sell Joseph into Slavery. 

But let’s not ignore, nor overlook the remaining wives in Genesis 34, 37-41.

We want to give them their flowers- though some of these wives are much deserving- and others are certainly NOT!! 

But that’s Another Lesson for Another Day!!

Your Challenge For Today:

Whose Wife is This??

Some of these will be super easy if you have been studying and reading Our CareBibleStudy Lessons, others a little harder so……

Keep your Bibles handy….just in case!!

Have Fun!!😉


Whose Wife is This?? 

  1. Rachel was the wife of ____________?
  2. Asenath was the wife of ____________? 
  3. Leah was the wife of _____________?
  4. She falsely accused Joseph of rape- Her husband was _____________?
  5. She was the daughter of Shuah- Her husband was ____________?
  6. Dinah was the ‘wife’ of _____________?


I will post Answers for you tomorrow- That’s on ‘Oldie -but a-Goodie’ Friday!! 


Until Next Time, Remember…

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