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Solution Saturday- Trivia Answers for Whose Dream is This??

Hey Neighbor! 

Today is Solution Saturday- which means we have Answers for Our Trivia Thursday!!

I really wanna Thank Eva N. from her ‘WitnessForJesus’ Blog. Not only did she join the ‘CareBibleStudy’ Blog this week as a new follower, but she also forwarded all 5 correct Answers for Our Trivia Thursday!!


I was so Elated and Greatly Encouraged!!😄

Hey Eva!!💕Thanks so Much for your Sweet Words of Encouragement!! 

Here is Eva’s Blog- If You Like, Go check her out!! 

So How well did You do with ’Whose Dream is This??’ 

Did you have Fun??

Now don’t forget, when You have more time to dig deeper into your bibles, be sure to read further into the supporting scriptures (listed), so that you can locate Jacob’s interpretation for each of these dreams.  

I’ve also included those verses in the support (listed) for You.



Here are Your Answers!! 

1. Who dreamed about 3 branches on a vine? 

Answer: Butler

Support: Genesis 40:9-13 

2. Who dreamed about 3 cake baskets on his head? 

Answer: Baker

Support: Genesis 40:16-19

3. Who dreamed about 7 handsome cows and 7 ugly cows? 

Answer: Pharoah 

Support: Genesis 41:41 (entirety)

4. Who dreamed about 7 plump ears of corn and seven thin ears of corn? 

Answer:  Pharoah (again)

Support: Genesis 41:41 (entirety)

5. Who dreamed about 11 stars, 1 sun, and 1 moon? (This one is easy!!)

Answer: Joseph (Of Course😄)

Support: Genesis 37:9-11


I really hope You guys are enjoying These!!

And just in case You need a little Encouragement today, Here is a ‘CareBiBleStudy’ Throwback for You!!

It’s Titled- ‘Send up a Smoke Signal.’

It’s a Really Cute Short Story…

Got Any Ideas for Next Week’s Trivia Thursday?? 

If so, let me know!! 

Next week we will visit Part 4 of our ‘Pit Before the Palace Series,’ where Jacob’s sons will attempt a ‘cover-up’ for their crime!! 

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