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Are You Looking For Jesus, or Is Jesus Looking For You??

Hey Neighbor!

Zacchaeus had seen and heard all of the hustle and bustle going on in town. A few Individuals gathering together had now become large groups, which continued to build, and now there were full-scale crowds accumulating in Jericho.

Well, there was no point in Zacchaeus attempting to inquire about the reasoning behind this commotion, because no one would be willing to speak to him in an open forum.

You see, Zacchaeus was a tax collector, in fact- He was the ‘chief’ tax collector…so nobody wanted to talk to him. I can understand how he felt…I used to work for the IRS😏

Because he was a tax collector or a ‘publican,’ Zacchaeus was considered to be a corrupt heathen, a cheat, and a devoted sinner.

Zacchaeus had been shunned by the people.

So anyway…As Zacchaeus overheard the different conversations between individuals in the crowd, he had learned that Jesus was going to be passing through Jericho today and something stirred within Him in anticipation.

He had heard about the miraculous feats of Jesus. In fact- some of the people in the crowd were going on and on about how Jesus had very recently healed a blind man, just outside of town.

It seems that the self-righteous folks outside of Jericho had attempted to hush and hinder the blind man from approaching Jesus, but the man shrieked and screamed all the more!!

He cried out to Jesus saying, “Son of David – Take Pity and Have mercy on me!!”

Jesus had commanded his disciples to bring the man forward and Jesus healed the blind man- giving him back his sight!!

He who was once blind, could now see!!

Well Zacchaeus did not suffer from a physiological blindness, but because he had become a slave to sin, he was left in a spiritual state of darkness.

But Somehow, Zacchaeus found the faith to believe that if he could just set his eyes on Jesus, today he could be freed from the stronghold of sin’s captivity.

However, in addition to his sin struggles, Zacchaeus was also height challenged…as the song says – Zacchaeus was a ‘wee-lil’ man!!

Zaccheus was indeed quite a small man, very short in stature. He was no King Saul, who was a head taller than the average man in Israel.

But Zacchaeus had an idea 💡

He had to make his way through the crowd, like the woman with the issue of blood.

And in his determination and much like an exuberant little child, Zacchaeus decided that he would run ahead of the crowd and climb up into a tree!!

From the height of the the sycamore, he had a nice aerial view, but now he realized that he had never seen Jesus before.

How would he be able to pick Jesus out from between and betwixt his disciples, plus the congested crowd of folks- all tightly packed together, along the roadside.

He wondered if Jesus would look like Moses, with His face all aglow, or would He look just like an ordinary man??

Well as the crowds approached, and while Zaccheus was making every attempt to spot Jesus…Uh Oh!!

Jesus had spotted him!!

And He called Him By Name!!

  • And when Jesus reached the place, He looked up and said to him, Zacchaeus, hurry and come down; for I must stay at your house today. (Luke 19:5)

Oh My!! How did Jesus know Zacchaeus Name??

You see…Zacchaeus had a low opinion himself, much like his statue, he believed himself to be a minute, worthless, and wicked fellow.

Zacchaeus had climbed up into that tree, a rich man financially, but poor in spirit – possessing nothing more than a heart and a mind to know Christ, but How is it that Christ could possibly know him??

While Zacchaeus had been up in that sycamore, seeking, searching, and looking for Jesus…

In a million years, he could have never imagined that Jesus had come passing through Jericho looking for him!!

But there He was, standing before his very own eyes…Walking and Talking Salvation!!

Jesus had come knocking at Zacchaeus’ door, hoping for an open invitation to step over into the threshold of Zacchaeus’ heart.

Jesus Christ wanted to come and ‘sup’ with a sinner- like Zacchaeus!!

And as Jesus expressed his urgency to save Zacchaeus- today, he hastily climbed down out of that sycamore…confessing his sins before Jesus and repenting of all of his wrongdoings!!

You see…

Jesus had come to Jericho seeking him who was ‘not worth finding!!’

He had come to talk to the wretched sinner that nobody else was willing to talk to!!

He had come as the physician, making an urgent house call to see about his ‘sin sick’ patient, Zacchaeus!!

And now Zacchaeus was ready and willing to receive Jesus into the ‘heart’ of his Home!!


Zacchaeus joyfully welcomed Jesus into his home in Jericho!!

And although Zacchaeus remained in the city that was built under a curse, Jesus had found him, and now Zacchaeus was no longer kept captive, under the corruptible curse of sin!!

Luke 19:1-10


Thanks For Stopping By Today!!

Until Next Time

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!



43 thoughts on “Are You Looking For Jesus, or Is Jesus Looking For You??

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  2. Thank You so much! The flesh is constantly crying out, but our spirit also cries out and longs for Jesus/Salvation!! Let’s keep Reminding the Lost ones that Jesus is still looking for them too!! 💕

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  3. Thank you for this very important story. Some people who are deep in sin actually desire to have a relationship with God and they too want redemption. I think this is important, especially as we minister to people as Christians. Thank you and God bless you. Keep doing God’s work!

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  4. Thanks so much, Pedro- I’m sure you feel the same when the Hily Spirit gives approval and confirmation!!💕Please, Please, share your February (witness) post.😃 I’m so sorry I’ve been slow to read…I’m doing a couple of Bible studies per week now+ the blog!! I love it though💕

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  5. Hi Tam, I enjoyed your take on Zacchaeus, it gives that personal experience that we will mostly look over and move on to the rest of the story.
    But you gave him the element of one who is moved by the Spirit to come as close as he can to Jesus.

    Jesus said…

    John 6:44
    No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

    Seeing Zacchaeus’ desire to see Jesus was more than the rest of the people, I wonder, how many people only come looking for Jesus when they want something?

    All Zacchaeus wanted was to see him.

    Jesus also said…

    John 8:18
    I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.

    When Jesus said this, he had forgiven the woman caught in adultery, she wasn’t looking for him, but found him anyway.

    He spoke this to the Pharisees, who wanted proof of who he was.

    Jesus spoke of the witness of God, not to quality Jesus, but in leading the lost to Jesus.

    (I wrote a post about this back in February, I can share it with you if you like.)

    I believe Zacchaeus had this witness in himself, something I might not have seen were it not for your observation.

    Thank you, God bless you.

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  6. Yes! But believe it or not, people would become hesitant and reluctant in conversations when I explained that I worked for the IRS. To them, I was the enemy- instead of collecting for a corrupt and godless Rome, like Zacchaeus, They saw me as a ‘sell-out,’ collecting for a corrupt and godless government(USA)

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  7. They were money collectors for Rome and were considered to be ruthless criminals- like the mafia. They were considered to be notoriously wicked and sinful and devoted to sin like the harlot (Luke 5:30, Mark 2:16, Matthew 21:31)

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  8. Wow what a wonderful story, Wow so indeed Jesus sought for Zacchaeus and found him and saved him. Wow man but then it must have taken humility for a man of his stature (sorry Zaccy for the pun it wasn’t intentional) to climb a tree and meet Jesus in public which probably was not the most fashionable thing to do in that era. Zaccy got saved but then it became an obstacle for those who were in church. Even those of us the elect need to humble ourselves and accept sinners when the Lord saved them and brings them to our house.
    PS Tam! If you truly loved me you could have sent me a present for mothers’ day like for real no cap.

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  9. I love the passion and energy Zacchaeus had .
    I believe they were many sinners like him but whay this particular one was mentioned.
    He was like Paul who was vey passionate.
    I think these kind of people whe the error is corrected they push the Kingdom of God and the gospel.
    We need to have an eye like Jesus’ to spot these people and influence them to come into the Kingdom of God by testifying to them .

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  10. Dewitt says:

    Great. I guess this is the Disco version of the Zacchaeus song. Glad to see a little effort was rewarded with a little recognition.

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  11. Amen! Jesus came and knocked at the door of my heart when I was just a little child. I’m so glad that I had the mind and the faith to invite him in. Thanks Ropheka💕

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  12. Good article
    We do not come to Jesus but He comes to us
    Look, I come and knock at the door of your heart. If you open it, I will come in. That is in the Book of Revealtions.

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