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Go Up and Possess Your Promise!!

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If the word F.E.A.R. was an acronym, those 4 letters would represent these 4 words: FORGET- Everything- And- RUN!!

You see, that’s exactly how satan wants us to respond during our trials and tribulations. He wants Us to forget everything that God has done for Us and all that He’s brought Us through and RUN away in fear.

Take a Read through the book of Numbers, Chapters 13 and 14 and You will see that the Israelites were afraid to face-off against their enemies in the land of Canaan and were ready to RUN right back to Egypt…right back into bondage and captivity.


Because they were afraid of the Giants that inhabited the Promised Land. The people had believed the evil report given by 10 of the 12 scouts, who had returned from spying out the land of Canaan.

These 10 Scouts returned with tales of men of great strength and stature and projected devastation for the Israelites. So the people, believing that they would become prey to their enemies, sought out a captain amongst them to lead them back to Egypt.

You see, the people had indeed FORGOTTEN the Wonders of God.

They had FORGOTTEN how God caused Pharaoh to loose them from slavery with His mighty hand.

They had FORGOTTEN how God had rescued them from Pharaoh’s advancing army, as He divided the Waters of the Red Sea.

They had FORGOTTEN how God had caused them to walk through the midst of the Red Sea on dry shod…that means their shoes didn’t even get wet!!


Oh…but the other 2 Scouts returned with a different report.

Joshua and Caleb’s report did not include tales about the size and the strength of the inhabitants, but their report was specifically about the land. In verse 13:7, the 2 scouts reported that the land was ‘Exceedingly Good!!’ Caleb even states that…13:30, “We are well able to Conquer it.”

So why was Joshua’s and Caleb’s report so ‘different,’ in contrast??

Hadn’t All 12 of them been together during those same forty days…and hadn’t they spied out the same territory together??

Well, Verse 14:24 tells Us that Caleb and Joshua had a ‘different kind’ of spirit.

You see, Joshua and Caleb Followed God fully and trusted Him completely; leaning on Him…relying on Him…and clinging to His every Word!!

They Believed God when He said that, “I am Giving this land to You!!”

They believed God by Faith and through their spiritual eyes, they had already visualized themselves taking Possession of Their Promise!! In Verse 13:30, Caleb says, “Let Us Go Up At Once and Possess it.”

Sure!! They may have sensed fear!

Sure!!…they may have even agreed that they looked like grasshoppers in comparison the the Sons of Anak…but unlike the other 10 spies,

Joshua and Caleb did not FORGET God and refused to RUN from their Giants.

They remembered how The Lord had passed over their door posts in Egypt and did not allow the destroyer to come into their houses to slay their sons.

They remembered how The Lord fought Pharaoh for their freedom and completely delivered them out of his hands.

…And now, they were confidently expecting that God would cause them to triumph over these giants, as well.

They believed that God would cause them to Go up and Possess the land…the land that He had promised them.

It was that ‘different spirit’ that caused Joshua and Caleb to grab hold to God’s Promises and they were prepared to RUN upon their Giants and slay them, like King David…’In the Name of the Lord!!’
1 Samuel 17:45

It was that ‘different spirit’ that was upon Caleb and Joshua that said to them, “F.E.A.R.- NOT…But GO And Possess Your Promise!!”

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21 thoughts on “Go Up and Possess Your Promise!!

  1. AAMEN!💕Maybe we would not fear death so much…seeing what wonder God has in store for us!! Thanks for commenting and sharing your heart!!


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  3. I really like the picture. It is oh so true.
    When we are close to Jehovah,satan the scammer has a hard time ( but is still successful sometimes, we are flsh and blood after all ) conning us into being afraid
    BUT, whe we are afraid the first place we run to is always Jesus. He is not angry nor frustrated with us. He just gently calms and encourages us.

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