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Trivia Thursday – Name That Prophet!!

-So Bathsheba went to King Solomon to speak to him for Adonijah. The king rose to meet her, bowed to her, sat down on his throne, and caused a seat to be set at his right hand for her, the king“s mother. (1Ki 2:19)

Hey Neighbor!

On (Trivia) Tuesday, We were searching through the Bible for a certain king (Solomon), who had no choice but to execute his misbehaving older brother, Adonijah!!

Adonijah had deceptively sought the assistance of the queen-mom, Bath-Sheba, as he strategically sought to strengthen and exalt himself within the kingdom.

In the lead scripture above, we see where Bathsheba approached her son, Solomon to make this ill-advised request, on the behalf of Adonijah!!

This was not a very wise move on the part of Bathsheba…and although Solomon did not discipline his mother for making this near treasonous request, he did admonish her…for the queen-mom was not operating in the best interest of her king/son.

Now there was another queen-mom, who was indeed striving to be an asset to her son and his kingdom, although he was a defiantly, wicked king.

She had witnessed the great sufferings of his father, and wanted to lend her son some wisdom and advice from his father’s fateful reign as king.

This mother graciously approached her son, recommending that he seek counsel from his father’s ‘tried and true’ seer, regarding the fallout from her misbehaving son’s afternoon of drunkenness and revelry!!

The queen mother had overheard her son’s frantic conversation inside the banquet house…and thus the king was extremely terrified and greatly perplexed with his troubles, so much so that the blood had drained from his face, and his knees had begun to knock!!

When the King’s great and ‘wise’ counsel of men could not help her son to resolve his perplexing problem, mom stepped in with her wise recommendation…

It was time to call ‘The Man of God!!’

Who was this ‘Tried and true’ Prophet/Seer that had come so highly recommended by the queen-mom??


Can You Name This Prophet??




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