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Bible Trivia Thursday 3/31 – Who is ’This Bully’ in the Bible??

Hey Neighbor!

On Tuesday night, my girl-friend Kim and I did a Facebook lesson on ‘Faith-full’ Friends and Our Motherly Concerns for Our Disabled Sons. 
Kim and I both have Adult Sons with Autism.

Here is a link to Our Facebook Bible Study:

Our Lesson was derived from 1 Samuel 18, Where David and Jonathan first met and became loving and ‘Faith-full’ Friends. They were closer than brothers- in fact they were brothers-in-law. 

Now in order to understand the strength of Jonathan’s and David’s Relationship, You must first understand Jonathan’s father, Saul.

Saul was a failed king, rejected by God to rule over Israel.  Saul was a psychotic, angry, envious, and egomaniacal mess, who got his jollies off by tormenting David!! 

In other words, Saul was a Bully!!

He treated David as an enemy to the throne, even placing a warrant out for him: 

Wanted: David, son of Jesse – dead or alive!! 

For those who know how the story ends – 

Saul was slain and David reigned!! 🤣

Evil Will Never Prevail!!

Now Saul is not the first, nor the last bully that we’ve read about in the Bible. There are quite a few more. In today’s Trivia Challenge, I have listed 10(ten.)

Now Some of these bullies are Male, And a few are Female. 

Grab Your Bibles and Have Fun!!


Who is ‘This Bully’ in the Bible?? 

  1. This bully made fun of Isaac. 
  2. This bully threatened to kill Elijah in a direct message. 
  3. This Big Bully threatened the Israelite Armies morning and night. 
  4. This bully continually harassed Joseph on his job.
  5. This bully was Jacob’s corrupt supervisor/boss. 
  6. This bully desired John the Baptist’s head on a platter. 
  7. This bully planned a Public execution for Mordecai.
  8. This bully caused repeated delays to Nehemiah’s wall re-construction project. 
  9. This bully continually vexed and weakened Samson.
  10. This bully attempted to cremate Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.



I will post Answers on ‘Solution Saturday’  – 4/2/2022

Until Next Time, Remember…

God Loves 💕You and So Do I!!


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44 thoughts on “Bible Trivia Thursday 3/31 – Who is ’This Bully’ in the Bible??

  1. When I am ready, I will consider YouTube. Thanks for your input! I believe that the Lord will continue to bless you with subscribes because your honest and genuine love of God/Word is palpable in both your speaking and in your writing🤩


  2. Oooh it’s alright, I totally understand.
    With social media you don’t have to be everywhere.Some platform will really affect you negatively.
    For me I tried Instagram,Twitter and Facebook and I am more comfortable with WordPress and YouTube.

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  3. I watch YouTube on my television and it does not allow me to subscribe to any channels. I do not have any social media- beyond WordPress. I do not have Facebook, instagram, or any YouTube subscriptions. Like you, I have been afraid to enter into that zone.


  4. Well, your channel is off to a great start!! After watching, I realized that Your Pastor, Wilson has also joined my blog as a (follower.) I am indeed honored and thankful💕


  5. I have an autoimmune thyroid condition. When the seasons change, I have to reset my treatment. Sometimes more- other times less. I’m back to normal today. Thanks so much for asking🙏🏾


  6. That’s we need not to love money that much.
    It’s easy to be trapped because all you want will be money and finer things of this life.
    Discerning what is good and bad for you will be compromised.

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  7. Aaah thank you so much.
    I just took a shot, I wasn’t sure I am still developing it but in the near future I want to develop my presentation skills then some of the blog script i will be using videos.
    About support just know that we are all kingdom citizens we all want to reveal the King so I will always have time for that.

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  8. Thanks Again Evidence!!- You have been very Supportive! My Husband and I watched your YouTube presentation and we thought it was fantastic. He Gives You a Grade A💕


  9. 💕I’m so pleased you watched. I’m glad there was energy, because I really wasn’t feeling very well, but the Holy Spirit kicked in for me. Maybe I will watch it now- 😂


  10. Yes!! 🎯Herodias was originally Herod’s brother’s wife- he married her- This reminds me of Hunter Biden and his deceased brother’s wife on that ‘laptop.’ The Bible does include some sordid stories. 😂
    (Mark 6:14)

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