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BELIEVE and GO-ON with GOD!!

-No king is saved by the great size and power of his army; a mighty man is not delivered by [his] much strength. A horse is devoid of value for victory; neither does he deliver any by his great power-(Psalms 33:17)


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So We’ve been reading 1 Samuel 27-30 and We find in Verse 30:9-10 that 200 of David’s men, although mighty in battle, were not so mighty in faith as they were crossing the brook of Besor, with David to GO and reclaim ALL that God had promised to Restore into their hands.

Here’s The Story….

So as David and his army of 600 men were leaving Ziklag in pursuit of those that had burned down their homes and had taken away their wives and children, David was confronted with yet another interpersonal issue amongst his comrades. 400 of the 600 were not physically, nor spiritually fit for battle. They were wiped out – physically, from the three day journey returning from the land of the Philistines and wiped out – spiritually, as they were still mourning for their loved-ones and did not possess the spirit to believe God for such a miraculous victory as that that David had spoken of.

Although God had spoken to David, reassuring him that every man would Recover ALL -including every man’s wife and every man’s child…missing NO-THING, great or small…yet they did not have the faith to GO-ON with God.

I’m sure this was quite a disappointment for David. God had told him to GO and pursue the raiders, but somehow David had imagined that the Lord would give him this miraculous victory with the strength and might of his army of 600 men vs. only 400.

I’m sure that David made every attempt to also encourage these faithless men in the Lord, as he had encouraged his own spirit in Verse 30:6…but at some point, David had decided that he must hold fast to his own Faith in God. He would Press-On, leaving the 200 behind and leading the 400 Forward.

David decided to Just Believe God…Going-On and trusting that He was still going to give him the victory, regardless of the size of his army…just as He had promised. Only this miraculous victory would not be obtained via the strength of David’s 600 mighty men, nor even by the power of David’s 400 men, but it would be obtained by God’s Ever-Abounding and Faithful Spirit to those Who Will Just Believe.


-It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.
(Zechariah 4:6)

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7 thoughts on “BELIEVE and GO-ON with GOD!!

  1. I just adore David and all of his flaws. He’s so much like us. He is very imperfect, but with a heart for God and craving for righteousness, but his flesh always gets in the way. Thank God that we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us….who justifies and sanctifies us.

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  3. Great word when i look at how a man like David was constantly facing these challenges.
    In this case there was a situation and he needed to encourage his army but who was encouraging David ?
    I think even the great men of God need to be encouraged too.
    May God send us encouragers in our lives

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  4. How true!
    So many times we want to go on in our own strength, while we forget to ask the Lord if we should even go at all.
    It’s seems like a no brainer that they should go and retake their families and possessions, but how to go is more proper to ask.
    I find many times that we get in God’s way without asking direction, and we get ahead of him, and his timing.
    Also, none of his men were physically or spiritually prepared for the journey or victory.
    As those that went part of the way were not physically able, neither were those who got the victory were spiritually able to properly go forward.
    They were opposed to their own fellow warriors who stayed behind.
    So the question we might even ask ourselves is, are we all in the church on the same page?
    David’s men were united in going for their families, but only David asked the Lord what to do.
    His men only followed him, but did not have the same vision that David had.
    Oh wow, I could go on, but I’ve already made this very long.
    Great insight, Tam.
    God bless you!

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